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       Enhances uniform sealer film formation to avoid gloss irregularities
       Can only be used on solvent-based acrylic sealers
       Intended for use on small areas less than 50 sq. ft.
       Larger quantities available for sale

    Acrylic Concrete Sealer Repair will help to re-cast an existing acrylic sealer coating, correcting application imperfections, such as bubbles and over-applied thick coatings. Once corrected, the sealed decorative concrete floor should have a uniform appearance. Not for use on polyurethane sealed surfaces.


    Application: Apply Concrete Sealer Repair with a foam brush or roller to the affected area. Do not over saturate the concrete and apply only to affected area. Apply a thin coat in a lapping motion to the sealed surface. The repair liquid will re-dissolve the film, blending air bubbles and other imperfections. Heavy applications of sealer may require another treatment. Due to the strong odor, exercise caution during application and ventilate well to the outside. A respirator should be used in all poorly ventilated areas. Allow to dry for 48-72 hours before proceeding with a water-based floor wax product.


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