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Use Direct Colors Concrete Patching Compound to repair unsightly carpet tack holes or small cracks prior to applying a concrete acid stain or concrete overlay to the floor. Durable and easy-to-use add water only mix suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Mixing Instructions:  Different patching jobs may require stiffer or more fluid mixes. Carpet tack strip holes will require a stiffer mix (about 6 oz. of water per 3 lbs. of patching mix). Chipped out cracks will require a thinner mix (8 to 10 oz. depending on the width of the crack). The wider the crack, the less water needed. Cracks of 1/8″ or less should either be left alone or filled with dry patching compound and misted with water.


Application:  Apply with a putty knife to holes leaving the patch material slightly higher than the surrounding surface.  After approximately 5-8 hours, gently sand it down with #120 grit paper. Use a #180 or #220 grit if the floor is very smooth.  Chipped out cracks should be filled with a mix that is thin enough to flow into the crack to fill it from the bottom up. Fill the crack to within 1/8″ of the surface, let the material cure for 5 to 8 hrs then top with the stiffer patching material leaving it slightly higher than the surface for later sanding. Hairline cracks should be filled using dry powder. Mound the powder up along the crack then tap along both sides of the crack with a small ball peen or tack hammer until the powder fills the crack without leaving voids. Scrape the surface leaving a thin powder residue. Spray a fine mist of water until the material is thoroughly moistened with no standing water. If shrinkage occurs, add more powder and mist again, sand smooth after 8 hours. Coverage rates will vary by application.


Concrete Patching Compound Features:

• Easy-to-Use add water only mix

• Use for either holes or surface cracks in concrete

• Apply and sand for a durable, even finish suitable for staining or overlaying

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  • How-To Apply Concrete Overlay

    How-To Apply Concrete Overlay
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