Acid Stain and Concrete Decor – A Match Made in Heaven!

Acid Stain and Deco Gel Acid Stain give concrete decor like statuary, fountains, planters and other art a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Acid Stain is a water-based liquid bearing minerals and acid. The acid stain penetrates the pores of the concrete forcing a chemical reaction between the muriatic acid and the available surface minerals. Once acid stained, the color of the concrete is permanently altered which great for concrete decor that is out in all kinds of weather!

Deco Gel Acid Stain is also an acid-based gel designed to adhere without drips or runs on vertical surfaces, borders, or other similar projects. Deco Gel Acid Stain has been specifically designed for use on vertical applications, such as retaining walls, columns or especially garden concrete décor.

The best thing about acid stain is its ability to infuse concrete with rich and deep color tones. Depending on the color and application techniques used, the results can mimic everything from polished marble to natural stone or even stained wood. Something else to remember about concrete stain is that no two projects will look alike! Application, color selection, concrete surface conditions and environmental factors all play important roles in the final outcome.


Acid Stained Concrete Buddha
Concrete Buddha Azure Blue and Black Acid Stains, Diluted

This entry from into our End of Summer Facebook Photo Contest features three acid stain colors – Azure Blue, Black Acid Stain Project Photo Gallery and Coffee Brown. The artist has diluted the brown and black acid stains to for both subtle and pronounced color highlights. For a project like this, we always recommend our Penetrating Sealer Hardener which is a one-time application products and has a totally matte finish. A glossy sealer would definitely detract from the quiet beauty of this piece.

Colored Outdoor Concrete Decor
Azure Blue Acid Stain and Creme Beige (1198-1lb.) Concrete Pigment

Other fantastic entry to our End of Summer Facebook Photo Contest. It’s hard to believe these dragonflies are made of concrete. It’s amazing what artists can do with these materials! In this case, the artist is working with two different colorants on for this project. The white dragonfly was finished using our Creme Beige (1198-1lb) Concrete Pigment in white overlay. The blue dragonfly is covered with Smooth White Concrete Overlay and acid stained with Azure Blue Acid Stain. The natural multi-tonal qualities of the acid stain create a myriad of colors expected from the acid staining process. Great Stuff!

Acid Stained Concrete Decor
Concrete pigs stained with Azure Blue, Coffee Brown, Desert Amber and Avocado Acid Stains and Tangerine Tinted Sealer Sealed with High Gloss, Water-Based Acrylic Sealer

We LOVED this entry into our End of Summer Facebook Photo Contest was a real company favorite. Who could help loving 5 brightly colored little pigs!! For this project, the artist used several acid stain colors including Azure Blue, Coffee Brown, Desert Amber and Avocado Acid Stain Photo Gallery. Such Variety! She also used one of our Tinted Concrete Sealer colors, Tangerine, for the orange pig. The glossy sealer finish on the pigs is a good choice and our High Gloss Water Based Sealer is perfect for concrete decor projects of any kind!

Deco Gel Acid Stain Concrete Leaf
Squash leaf stained Azure Blue in the center with Avocado Deco Gel on the main body of the leaf. The veins are enhanced with Coffee Brown Deco Gel.

This End of Summer Facebook Contest Entry is probably one of the most finely detailed pieces we’ve received at Direct Colors. To achieve this look, the artist used Coffee Brown, Avocado and Azure Blue Deco Gel Acid Stains. Deco Gel can be applied using the finest artist brushes to create even these delicate leaf veins. Any time small areas of color or accents are required for a project deco gel is the product that can deliver permanent color just where you want it! It’s also great for vertical applications, logos and any kind of fine design work.

Acid Stained Concrete Bench
Faux wood concrete bench stained with Malayan Buff, Desert Amber and Black Acid Stains

Concrete benches are very popular decor projects with our customers and can be used any number of purposes indoors and out. This entry to our End of Summer Facebook Photo Contest features our Malayan Buff, Black and Desert Amber Acid Stains artistically applied to make the concrete appear to be wood. The stain was diluted with water and applied in several coats to create the color variation similar to wood. It takes a skilled hand but with the right products and tools, this is definitely a project with in the reach of any concrete crafter!

Acid Stained Concrete Leaf
Cola Acid Stain

Our final project was the 2013 winner of the End of Summer Facebook Photo Contest, Joanne with Mystic FireFly. This stunning concrete leaf was acid stained with Cola Acid Stain and sealed to dramatic effect. Joanne said, “Direct Colors is great for do-it-yourself. They have all the tools you need for your project – pictures, info, videos as well as informed people to answer any questions you may have. Product sample packs – a wonderful thing – are an affordable way to try all the colors and find what’s right for your project before purchasing in quantity.”

Why not give us and a few concrete decor projects a try? Time’s a wasting!