A Fiery Acid Stain Update to a Patio Driveway using Concrete Overlay

Using Acid Stains, Concrete Overlay, and Tinted Concrete Sealer to Transform an Existing Patio Driveway.

The 800 sq. ft. acid stained patio, walkway and driveway project had several surface preparation challenges to start. Due to ground shifting, age and the driveway in particular being somewhat low lying, areas had broken, chipped and fractured to the point that repair was needed. Before attempting a repair, carefully inspect the areas around the concrete. Check to see that guttering drain spouts are diverted off the concrete and away from the foundation as much as possible. Pooling water often creates spalling and can contribute to future problems even after repairs are made.

The cracks and loose concrete were chipped out and meticulously cleaned using a organic degreaser and water solution before a Concrete Patch was applied to the surface. The patch was sanded down flush with the concrete and a foundation coat of Smooth Gray Overlay was applied to create a level surface. After drying, a skim coat  was applied and finished with “wake-like” trowel marks.

The overlay was acid stained with a diluted Malayan Buff stain and sealed with a Fiery Orange High Gloss, Solvent-Based  Tinted Sealer for added color depth and variety. A final coat of High Gloss, Solvent Based Acrylic Concrete Sealer was applied for added durability and longevity.

Stained Colored Concrete Sealer