Basement Floor Ideas

If your are looking to add value to your home with a finished basement floor,  staining the concrete floor that is already there is the most affordable option. A stained floor offers the lowest-cost and highest-return of any basement flooring option. Here are a couple of our favorite stained basement floor photos submitted by DIYers like you!

1. Elegant Charcoal Basement Flooring

This modern looking charcoal stained basement floor was submitted by Brad Allen (Dec ’20 –  DIY Contest $250 Cash Winner). Brad shared some tips below to help you achieve this professional look.

Floor after 2 coats of Charcoal Colored Sealer and wax
Basement floor after 2 coats of Charcoal AcquaTint and 2 coats of Residential Floor Wax
Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate
Cleaner & Degreaser
Hard-Troweled Floor Preparation
Hard-Troweled Floor Prep
AcquaTint™ Colored Sealer
Charcoal AcquaTint™ Sealer
Commercial Floor Wax
Commercial Floor Wax

What was the approximate size of your project?

600 Sq. Ft.

How long did your project take to complete?

26 hours total

  • It took 2 people 8 hours each to clean and apply hard troweled pre-treatment and rinse off using a wet vac.
  • Rinsed floor twice after hard troweled pre-treatment to make sure no residue left behind.
  • Let the floor dry overnight with heat on in the basement before proceeding.
  • Prior to applying AcquaTint, went back over the floor lightly sanding a handful of areas where sneaker prints from the hard troweled pre-treatment showed up.

Tip – Don’t step in the area where hard troweled pre-treatment has sat for 20 min (which is pretty dry in most areas at that point) prior to rinsing or your sneaker prints will lightly etch themselves into the floor while rinsing. These areas will require sanding and we had a few. An hour (x 2 people) was spent lightly sanding a handful of sneaker prints and vacuuming up all the dust.

  •  It took about 3 hours of labor (2 people 1 1/2 hours each) to apply each coat of sealer.
  • Giving the floor two days to dry after the second coat of sealer brings us to Day 5 where wax was applied in the morning and again late afternoon.
  • It only takes about 1 hour to apply a coat of wax over 600 sq ft. Only one person needed for wax.

What products did you use to complete your project?

  • 5 gal. Charcoal AcquaTint Stain
  • 5 gal. Residential Concrete Floor Wax
  • 5 gal. Hard Troweled Pre-Treatment
  • 1 qt. Cleaner & Degreaser
  • 9″ Roller
  • Scrub Brush

We would love to hear any personal tips about your project that may help another Direct Colors customer do one of their own

  • Tip  – Only put a small amount into your tray and always wet the roller by rolling it in the bottom of the tray to continue to mix what is in the tray. The pigment settles out pretty quick but is manageable.
  • Tip  – Apply some pressure to the roller before moving the roller from the tray to the floor so you are not dripping material from the roller.
  • Tip  – Always stir before adding more sealer to the tray.
  • Tip  – I would suggest pouring your entire amount of sealer into a pail before you start because it is easy to stir the contents in the pail.
  • Tip  – Use a coffee can or smaller container to transfer well mixed colored sealer into your tray.
  • Tip  – Work in small sections at a time (6′ x 4′).
  • Tip  – Move quickly but don’t freak out over lap marks. You will get them but rolling over them a second or third time as you work the small section helps and then the next coat rolls the opposite direction which further helps them blend in.
  • Tip  – Back roll the final roll before you move on to the next section.

2. Clean White Basement Floor

This beautiful white stained basement floor is a customer favorite. This look can be achieved on a budget by using our White  Concrete Dye Vibrance™ or if you do not want to work with acetone you can also achieve the same look using our Water-Based White Stain ColorWave™

Thin Layer of Smooth White Concrete Overlay
Thin Layer of Smooth White Concrete Overlay
White Concrete Stained Basement Flooring
Stained with White Concrete Dye
Smooth White Concrete Overlay
Smooth White Concrete Overlay
Concrete Dye Swatch
White Concrete Dye
ColorWave WHITE
ColorWave™ Water-Based Stain
Commercial Floor Wax
Commercial Floor Wax

3. Modern Black Basement Floor

A good acid stained concrete floor gives a room that cool modern industrial vibe everyone is going for.  Check out this mottled black stained basement floor done using Black Concrete Acid Stain EverStain™ .

When using Black acid stains take into account that composition of the concrete slab may alter the final color. A black acid stain may develop with a more “brownish” tint. If that is the case, no worries, the color can be corrected by replacing the clear top coat sealer with a Charcoal Colored Sealer  AcquaTint™

Cleaned, troweled prep concrete ready for acid stain
Properly Cleaned Floor, Troweled Prepped and Ready for Staining
Black Stained Concrete Basement Floor
Black EverStain Acid Stain sealed with Charcoal AcquaTint Colored Sealer and Concrete Floor Wax
Hard-Troweled Floor Preparation
Hard-Troweled Floor Prep
Concrete Acid Stain Color Black
EverStain™ Acid Stain
AcquaTint™ Colored Sealer
Charcoal AcquaTint™ Sealer
Commercial Floor Wax
Commercial Floor Wax

How to Stain Concrete Basement Floors

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting stain and sealer products for a basement application.

Colored SIlver Gray Tinted Concrete Sealer

Staining Interior Concrete With Colored Sealers

 Water-based colored sealers are low odor which makes them a great choice for interior applications.