Concrete Overlay Carpet Tack Holes Away

How to repair concrete tack holes

I want to acid stain the floors in my house. What can I do to hide the holes around the perimeter of my rooms after carpet has been removed?

Covering carpet tack holes can be difficult. Acid stain will react differently to the patching material than the actual slab itself which in most cases highlights the patch more than the floor. If you can’t live with the holes, consider applying a thin layer of  Concrete Overlay in the form of a border around the room. The concrete overlay borders will cover the tack holes while producing an attractive outline for your floor. Even when using the same color of acid stain, a variation in color will occur. Sometimes additional damage can occur when pulling the tack strips so if you have deeper holes bigger than a dime to a quarter in size, consider applying  Concrete Patching Compound first before acid staining. A border does involve extra work but the finished product is outstanding. Good luck!

How to Apply Concrete Overlay