Express Yourself with Concrete Acid Stain and DIY Stencil Designs

” We had a 400 sq. ft. patio to stain. Started off the patio project by searching for a good stencil template but  couldn’t find one locally so I drew one up and enlarged it to the size I needed. I placed the stencil in the center of the slab and unfortunately the expansion joint was right in the middle of my design but it was just a small weekend project so that was o.k.”

Before Cutting Stencil Pattern

Glenn used an angle grinder on a 3-wheel saw trolley with a 4 in. diamond saw blade. You could also use a cup point diamond wheel as well. Carefully clean the area after scoring to remove any debris left behind in the cuts.

Acid Stain Stencil Saw Cut

“After cutting out the design, we prepped the patio and started acid staining. I chose Cola and Coffee Brown with the Solvent-based, Satin Finish Sealer for the patio. The process with very easy with the sprayer. We applied the Coffee Brown to fleur de lis design first allowing for a little extra processing time and then sprayed down the Cola over the entire patio. We let the stain set for the recommended time, neutralized and washed and washed again. The two coats of sealer was sprayed on once the concrete was dry the next day.”

Coffee Brown Acid Stain Sprayed Onto Concrete Stencil Cut

“Just wanted to extend my gratitude to you. Through my acid staining process you were very helpful and very honest. I spoke with Frank about my acid stain project and he advised me on some design elements and boy, did my patio come out good for my first time doing this. Next I will be doing my master bed and bath so I am sure you will be hearing from me again.”

Acid Stain Stencil Patio Design

Glenn’s Shopping List

• 2 Quarts of Concrete Degreaser and Cleaner
• 2 Gallons of Cola Acid Stain
• 1 Quart of Coffee Brown Acid Stain
• 2 Gallons of Solvent-based Satin Finish Acrylic Sealer