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Intricate, Integral Color Concrete Table

Mark Fisher with Hillside Castings in Ohio creates intricate integral color, hand-crafted concrete table design using concrete pigment and concrete overlay. “The top and base was cast in white concrete and colored with Direct Colors Cake Buff (609-3lb.) concrete pigment. After the appropriate dry time, top portion was stripped from the mold and the recessed hieroglyphs filled with a concrete overlay mixed with Direct Colors Café (649-3lb). 24 hours later, the top was wet polished with a grinder to an 800-grit finish and sealed with Water-Based, Glossy Acrylic Sealer.”

Mr. Fisher’s Product List:

• 1 Box of Smooth White Overlay
• 5 lbs. of Cafe 649 Concrete Pigment
• 5 lbs. of Cake Buff 609 Concrete Pigment
• 1 quart of Water-Based, High Gloss Acrylic Sealer

Hand-Crafted Intricate Concrete Table Design by Mark Fisher
Cafe (649-3lb) and Cake Buff (609-3lb.) Concrete Pigments
Hand-Crafted Concrete Table Cast
Concrete table cast using white concrete and Cake Buff (609-3lb) pigment mix.
integral color countertop
Concrete table top designs
Hand-Crafted Concrete Table Design
Recessed hieroglyphs were filled with Concrete Overlay mixed with Cafe 649 pigment
Hand-Crafted Concrete Table with Concrete Overlay Design
After 24 hours, the top was wet polished with a grinder to 800-grit finish

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