Create Your Own Unique Concrete Work of Art!

Acid Stained Countertops are very popular with our customers but when we saw this project entry for this year’s End of Summer Contest, we had to know more! Mr. Ferrara of Dover Plains, NY designed, built and stained this extraordinary concrete fire pit and dining table himself. What a fine job he did and we hope his work will inspire you to get started on your next concrete countertop project without delay!


“The first thing I did was build the form out of wood. I then sanded and table sawed a piece of 2 x 6 to half an inch thick and screwed it to the center on the bottom of the form. This is how you get the cutout to add a rotating design to your table by creating a space where you can add rocks, marbles, glass, fire, etc..The bottom of the form is actually the top of the table. The seams of the form and the center piece of wood were then caulked to give a more rounded edge. The form was poured around a metal grate using 5000 psi concrete countertop mix for a strong slab at 1 1/2 in. thickness.”

Surface Preparation:

“After curing and removing the form, I applied High Gloss Water Based Sealer on the bottom of the tabletop. Once dry, I flipped the table over to the top side and removed the 2 x 6 wooden frame to reveal the pocket in the center of the table. I went over the table with a cement slurry to fill in the pinholes and create a rough but flat surface to imitate a raw stone finish. I finally sanded the top and edges and allowed to fully dry.”

Acid Staining and Sealing

“Using the Coffee brown and Avocado Acid Stain Photo Gallery Acid Stains, I sprayed an oval pattern a few times, let dry somewhat and repeated. After the processing time was complete, I neutralized and cleaned with water, dried again, and applied the Krystal Kote High Gloss Sealer. I then enlisted a strong friend who helped me finally place the table on its base in the dining room. The base was designed using stained and lacquered pressure treated 4 x 4’s.  After centering the table on its base and breathing two sighs of relief, I used the counter top wax to finish the concrete. I then filled the pocket with aquarium rocks and added the fire.”

Mr. Ferrara’s Direct Colors Product List:

1 Quart Avocado Acid Stain
1 Quart Coffee Brown Acid Stain
1 Quart Krystal Kote Water Based Sealer
1 2oz. DCI Natural Countertop Wax

Concrete Table Form with Reinforcement
Concrete Table Fire Pit Form
Stained Concrete Fire Table Coffee Brown and Avocado Acid Stains
Acid Stained Concrete Table

Mr. Ferrara’s Fabulous Concrete Fire Pit and Table Design Photos: