Affordably Remodel High Traffic Kitchens with Concrete Countertops

Get the Most Out of Existing Countertops with Concrete Overlay, Acid Stain and Epoxy Sealer

Here’s the Story:

Firehouse kitchens get A LOT of traffic morning, noon and night. While firefighters are known (watch them on the Food Network) for their culinary skills, a kitchen does need some updating every once and awhile. Ray Dymond, Jr. with Dymond Quality Builders was given the task of remodeling the existing countertops for the brave men and women of the Twin Valley Fire Department located in Chester County, Pennsylvania…..Quickly! Fires wait for no contractor to get on with it so the countertop remodel work needed to be completed fast with minimal mess and odor. Enter Direct Colors Concrete Overlay, Acid Stain and Epoxy Sealer!

Surface Prep and Concrete Overlay Application

Can’t overemphasize the importance of good surface preparation for overlay applications. Not only does the existing surface need to be in good condition (no cracks, damaged/missing areas or voids in the Formica) but it should be scuffed to encourage good bonding, thoroughly cleaned and dry before beginning. Grit and dust will prevent the overlay from adhering properly to the Formica so don’t skimp on cleaning! Vacuum after scuffing, scrub the surface with a degreaser and water solution and lastly, rinse, Rinse, RINSE! Allow the countertops at least 24 hours to dry and more time if you’re working in humid conditions (think Louisiana, y’all!)

Acid Staining Concrete Overlay

Once your overlay is down and has cured for at least 24 hours, you’re ready to acid stain. Since Direct Colors Concrete Overlay has been specially formulated to take acid stain well, feel free to cut the acid stains with water or leave them on for a shorter period of time and get the same rich color results.

There’s no one way to acid stain concrete. Dymond selected Desert Amber as his primary color with subtle accents of Avocado  and Coffee Brown acid stains. Working with the stains when both are still wet gives the finished look a more integrated and natural appearance.

Sealing the Deal…with Epoxy!

Dymond has chosen ourEpoxy  Countertop Sealer for its deep, high gloss finish. While it’s absolutely true that nothing pops color like an epoxy, it’s not for everyone or every environment. For example, epoxy sealers should never be used outside or even in areas indoors where direct sunlight routinely occurs. Epoxy can yellow with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Hmmmm. Now this wasn’t an issue in our firehouse kitchen remodel but it could be in yours.

We have how to videos on applying epoxy that we hope will make the process easier. For higher traffic kitchens or to simply extend the life of the epoxy finish, consider top coating your countertop with a solvent based polyurethane sealer. Unfortunately, this product does have a strong odor during application which would not have been appropriate for our round-the-clock firehouse but might be an option for other projects.

Remodeled Firehouse Kitchen FeaturingC oncrete Overlay, Acid Stains and Epoxy Countertop Sealer

Many thanks to Dymond Quality Builders of Alverson, PA for sharing this wonderful project with us. If you’re in Pennsylvania and looking for a professional contractor, give them a call at (610) 286-1685 or email [email protected]. If you’d like to try a kitchen countertop remodel yourself, give Direct Colors a call at 877-255-2656 or send us a design consultation for one-on-one assistance with your project!