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Marbling Acid Stain to Mimic Granite for Kitchen Counters

Marbling acid stain to look like granite or natural stone is a popular technique with our customers. DIY’ers often turn to concrete countertops or refinishing an existing countertop with a concrete overlay because it’s a more affordable option than total replacement and looks great! Our 2016 End of Summer Facebook Contest winner agrees and is exciting about the possibility of using decorative concrete products throughout his home. He tells us about his experience using Direct Colors Acid Stains and Concrete Sealers on his winning project and his plans for his contest proceeds!

Shaun’s Story

“Concrete Acid Stain products from Direct Colors have truly helped transform our home.  The quality of concrete wears well, is easy to clean, and is reasonable to install – plus it gives you an upscale look!  The affordability of acid stain and concrete is important due to the scale of the projects that we are undertaking.  We live in a 10,000 square foot retired school building that we are renovating room by room.  Our family consists of 2 biological children and 4 adoptive children, so the space definitely comes in handy!  Our first acid stain project in the home was to grind and profile the concrete hallway (1500 square feet worth) and then apply an acid stain with a poly sealer.  Following that, we constructed our concrete countertops and applied coffee, cola and black acid stains.  We really liked the thickness and build of an epoxy, so we tried that and it turned out great!  We actually completed the epoxy right before the contest entry ended, and are not quite 100% done.  Our kitchen countertops are in total about 130 square feet, so once again the affordability of concrete and acid stains is a huge selling point for DIY’ers like us trying to beat the price of granite while not sacrificing looks or quality.  On a side note, we did our first concrete countertop at our previous house with a semi-transparent stain – you cannot compare that to the quality, looks and variation you get with acid stain!”

“One of the benefits of living in a retired school is the fact that we have our very own gym.  We plan on using the $200 worth of products that we won through the Direct Colors contest to purchase acid stain to complete our gym.  Our friends are all ready making reservations for future roller skating parties!”

“We purchased our school with the hopes of being able to utilize it to care for orphans – the space is perfect for that use.  We do not know what the Lord has in store for our family dynamics in the future, but we are preparing our home to be ready in case we are called to adopt or care for more children.  Winning this contest will help us to get closer to getting our home completed.  Thanks to Direct Colors and to all those who voted for us!”

Direct Colors Products Used:

• Cola Acid Stain

• Coffee Brown Acid Stain

• Black Acid Stain Project Photo Gallery

• 100% Epoxy Countertop Sealer

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