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Outdoor Living with Stamped Colored Concrete

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Why Stamped Colored Concrete?

Kelly C. purchased an older home with the intention of remodeling the outdoor living areas. He chose stamped colored concrete because it’s easy for the homeowner. Once you select the color and stamp texture, concrete pigment is added to the concrete prior to pouring by the ready-mix company. A team of professionals stamps the concrete and adds the darker accent color. Finally the concrete is sealed and ready for use.

Maintenance isn’t burdensome. The surface is easy to clean with a garden hose and is resistant to staining. Areas exposed to full sun would require re-sealing every 2-3 years but shaded areas much more infrequently. Fortunately for Kelly, much of his patio and pool area is shaded by large trees.

Choosing Colors

Kelly wanted colors that would compliment the overall color scheme of his house as well as convey the feeling of a “wooded retreat.” Summers in Oklahoma are particularly hot and the family wanted this area to be an escape from the often grueling heat.

The colors selected for this project were Rocky Crag (623-3lb.) from our gray-based concrete pigment color chart and Chocolate from our Liquid Colored Antique color chart. Rocky Crag was mixed into the concrete prior to pouring for the base color and Chocolate was sprayed on after stamping for the darker accents. The colors along with the satin sealer choice matches well with the house and the trees to create an overall comfortable forest feel.

Kelly’s Shopping List

1500 lbs. of 623 Concrete Pigment
10 gallons of Chocolate Liquid Colored Antique
20 gallons of Sprayable Satin Finish Sealer