Colored Concrete Sealer allows you to add luxurious color to interior and exterior concrete while extending the life of concrete with a long-lasting seal, all in one easy step.


One principal advantage of using Colored Concrete Sealer is ease of use. If you choose to acid stain your concrete slab, the coloring and sealing must be undertaken separately with considerable time given to staining and drying multiple coats of stain—avoid lengthy drying times and extra steps when you want to color your concrete. Another advantage of adding color to tinted sealer is that it makes maintenance easier. Because your sealer will need to be replaced every few years, depending on foot traffic, tinted concrete sealer allows you to refresh the concrete’s color in the same step. While many homeowner’s love this convenience also, it is particularly helpful in commercial spaces where maintenance can be intrusive to business and jobs need to wrap up quickly.

Colored Concrete Sealer Decor

Solvent-Based Satin Finish Buff Tinted Sealer was used in this project. The customer had some small stains and areas of discoloration they wanted to conceal. The tinted sealer was a perfect fit for this project. The pictures show the project at every step in the process. The concrete was pressure washed first and allowed to dry overnight. The tinted sealer with applied with a sprayer and backrolled. Finally, a top coat of clear coat sealer was applied for added durability.

Tinted Concrete Sealer Driveway
Buff Tinted Concrete Sealer Solvent-Based Satin Finish

We’d like to thank our distributor, Dancer Concrete, of Ft. Wayne, IN for the photos and information on this project. Questions about your indoor or outdoor tinted concrete sealer application? Give our technicians a call at 877-255-2656. We’re here to help!

Buff Tinted Concrete Sealer
Buff Tinted Concrete Sealer

Colored concrete sealant allows you to customize your concrete in just one simple step. Whether indoor or outdoor, this product enhances your space by giving it a new color and finish. It’s cost effective and provides a lot of drama for a little expense.

Available in more than 40 color options, colored concrete sealer remains translucent and can be solvent or water based. Colored or tinted concrete sealer is an easy one-step color and sealer option that can be sprayed or rolled depending on the concrete. Renew your faded or gray exterior concrete with colored concrete sealer for the outdoor entertainment area of your dreams!

Want to try out the product before you buy? We offer individual 4 ounce trial sample size of all our colored sealers.


Whether you would like a high gloss or satin finish, keep in mind that the final color will appear different from the Direct Colors Chart if the tinted concrete sealer is used on previously colored or stained concrete. A pre-application color test is highly recommended for desired results. For long lasting color, consider applying a single coat of clear sealer with a roller or pump-up sprayer over the tinted concrete sealer for more uniform wear on outdoor concrete.


The concrete surface should be clean, free of any loose debris and previous sealer before applying. Power washing outdoor concrete on a low setting will quickly and easily remove any unwanted material. Tinted concrete sealer can be applied to previously colored or sealed concrete as long as the sealer is still properly adhered to the surface. The method used to apply sealer depends on the type of surface and the type of sealer used. 

  • Tinted Acrylic Solvent-Based Sealers can be applied by a pump-up sprayer or roller applicator. Acrylic sealers can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. 
  • Solvent-based tinted acrylic sealers are better suited for outdoor use. Water-Based Sealers are preferred for occupied homes/offices and for all basements applications. 
  • For more information on how to apply a concrete sealer head over to our How To page.


Tinted Concrete Sealers for Countertops

If you are looking to remodel an existing countertop on a budget, consider Direct Colors Three Step Countertop Metallic Epoxy Kit for a stunning color finish. The tinted sealer of your choice goes down first, followed by our metallic epoxy countertop sealer. Our Three Step Countertop Metallic Epoxy Kit is a fantastic alternative to tearing out countertops that really gives your kitchen or bathroom a whole new look. If you need to overlay a Formica or tile countertop, start with our Countertop Refinishing Kit which includes a box of concrete overlay and all the tools you need for the job!