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Concrete Overlay Trial Kit


Concrete Overlays are durable, ultra-strong, and easy-to-apply add water only mixes.

  • All 4 Overlays included
  • Nitrile Safety Gloves - 1
  • Dust mask - 1
  • Cleaning cloth - 1
  • Scrub Brush - Medium Bristle - 1
  • 12" magic trowel - 1
  • Five quart mixing container - 1

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Concrete Overlays are durable, ultra-strong, and easy-to-apply add water only mixes. Try our 3 lb. Concrete Overlay Sample Size for small jobs and pre-order testing. Available in both white and gray base colors. Ideal for decorative concrete projects indoors and out including:


• Resurface Old, Damaged or Soiled Concrete for significantly less than the cost of removal

• Cost Effective Alternative to Poured Concrete Countertops

• Applying Borders on Floors to Disguise Carpet Tack Strip Holes

• Suitable for Stamped, Stenciled or Artistic Finishes

• Color with Acid Stain or Concrete Pigment – Choose from Over 100 Color Possibilities

Mixing Instructions:  To apply at a 1/4 in. depth, add about 6 oz. of water per 3 lbs. of overlay. For a skim coat, add approximately 8 to 10 oz. of water to achieve a mix with the consistency of a thin pancake batter.


Coverage and Application: DCI Concrete Overlay Sample Size covers approximately 1.5 sq. ft. at 1/4″ or 5 sq. ft. for a skim coat per 3 lb. bag. The typical pot life for overlay is approximately 30-35 minutes. Adding cold rather than room temperature water will extend the pot life by up to 15 minutes. Applying overlay on hot concrete or in temperatures over 90F could result in delamination or similar problems. In hot, dry conditions, reduce the concrete temperature by dampening it with water prior to application.  Mist the overlay with water to extend working time if required.

• For a smooth appearance, finish the overlay with a magic trowel.

• For a textured finish, handwork the overlay with a pool trowel or similar applicator.

• For vertical surfaces and stencil, spray Smooth Overlay with a drywall texture gun and smooth with a pool or magic trowel.

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