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I had done a veneer countertop over Formica three years ago, and discovered that steam from a dishwasher can cause the veneer to separate from the Formica. (Tip: next time I’ll seal the underside edge of the countertop with veneer and epoxy). I just broke off the separated parts of the veneer, and the sample size and color sample were more than adequate for the repair.
We have used your concrete acid stain products and did an acid stained overlay in an interior room. It was very successful, we love it and get many compliments. We would now like to try our luck with a patio. Thank you!
I recently completed a countertop remodel with your concrete overlay, concrete acid stain and 550 Water Based Polyurethane products and loved the results. Now we’re looking at remodeling our shower!
We’ve sent over photos of the finished remodeled countertops with the white concrete overlay over Formica. We love it. Thank you for your help.
I have used your products to concrete acid stain and seal the entire inside of my home back in 2007. So far so good! Now I have a concrete patio around 500′ sq with a pergola above it that I want to spray an overlay finish on with color mixed in!
These guys are amazingly thoughtful and helpful consultants! I had what I called, “a botched job” at an attempt to stain my floor. I panicked and contemplated vinyl flooring. I called the toll free number and after they saw my downloaded picture, recommended that I start over with DCI concrete overlay, and suggested concrete acid stain to water ratios based on my intended design. The floor came out far better than I could have ever imagined. My wife and I owe it all to great advice from Justin and Shawna of Direct Colors Inc.
A great EASY DIY alternative is to do concrete overlay on your existing countertops. Direct Colors has a product that works for countertops/floors/anywhere. The resources section even has a step by step DIY manual. We had this done on our floors because we didn’t want the mess and expense of concrete staining and polishing and they have held up beautifully for 15 years with lots of heavy traffic, dogs and general abuse. The base overlay comes in white or gray and can be tinted (if wanted).
I just started using direct colors products for my new business. I love the concrete overlay and concrete acid stain and the awesome customer service I got at the company.
I appreciate the awesome team at Direct Colors for helping me achieve this end result for my customers blue pigmented concrete overlay! Once fully remodeled, this home will have a beautiful Mediterranean feel with nothing short of this floor to give it perfect focal point. Can’t wait to team up with you all on my next venture!
I’ve been using Direct Colors products for a few years now……and never disappoints! Smooth White (hand troweled/textured) DCI concrete overlay, with Coffee Brown acid stain.


  • Smooth, Gray Concrete Overlay - 3 lbs.
  • Smooth, White Concrete Overlay - 3 lbs.
  • Textured, Gray Concrete Overlay - 3 lbs.
  • Textured, White Concrete Overlay - 3 lbs.
  • Nitrile Safety Gloves - 1
  • Dust mask - 1
  • Cleaning cloth - 1
  • Scrub Brush - Medium Bristle - 1
  • 12" magic trowel - 1
  • Five quart mixing container - 1

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Sometimes, you need to try it before you buy it. Especially when it comes to fixing, resurfacing, or laying down a new concrete surface, you want to be sure that you get what you need.

Direct Colors’ Concrete Overlay is a versatile, durable, ultra-strong, and easy-to-apply mix. Our concrete overlay can be used in a variety of projects including resurfacing old and damaged concrete, concrete countertops, patching and repairing holes or cracks, and more.

Our premium concrete overlay powder is simple to prepare and apply. Simply add water, and you’re ready to resurface, or repair a concrete slab. But, we always recommend starting with a sample project. That’s where our Concrete Overlay DIY Trial Kit comes in.

In this guide, we’ll review everything included in the Direct Colors Concrete Overlay DIY Trial Kit, what it’s used for, and the steps for applying concrete overlay while using each tool.

Let’s get started.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Dust Mask, Scrub Brush, Cleaning Cloth, and Safety Gloves

The included Dust Mask, Scrub Brush, Cleaning Cloth, and Safety Gloves have a few different uses in any concrete repair or resurfacing project. But first, they’re used to prepare your concrete surface by cleaning it. If your project area has any paint, oil stains, cracks, dust or other debris on it, the concrete overlay mixture may not adhere to the surface properly.

Before you start your project, put your Dust Mask on to avoid inhaling dust and debris. Sweep any debris from a larger concrete surface, or use the included Scrub Brush to do the same. Your Cleaning Cloth can also be used for general cleanup depending on the material.

Once your concrete surface is properly cleaned and free of debris, you’re ready to start your project.

Preparing the Concrete Overlay Mixture

Smooth & Textured Concrete Overlay, Dust Mask, Safety Gloves, and Mixing Container

One of the best parts of our Concrete Overlay DIY Trial Kit is that you have everything you need to create the mixture. No tools or heavy machinery required! Before mixing, though, make sure you’re wearing the provided gloves and dust mask to avoid inhalation and getting any concrete stuck to your hands.

In your kit, you’ll find two different types of overlay in two different colors: Textured and smooth, white and gray.

The color you choose may depend on the color of the existing concrete surface, or how you want your newly poured concrete to look. The types of overlay, however, are a bit different. Textured concrete overlay produces a rougher, anti-slip concrete surface that is perfect for outdoor applications.

Smooth concrete overlay, on the other hand, gives you a nice, untextured and smooth surface to apply concrete stains or sealer to. This type of concrete overlay is perfect for indoor flooring and concrete countertops.

To create the mixture, start by adding one of the 3 pound bags of concrete overlay to your mixing container. To apply concrete overlay at a ¼ inch depth, add about 6 ounces of water per 3 pound bag of overlay. For a thinner coat, add approximately 8 to 10 ounces of water to achieve a mix with the consistency of thin pancake batter.

Applying Concrete Overlay

Smooth & Textured Concrete Overlay, Dust Mask, Safety Gloves, Mixing Container, and Magic Trowel

Like any concrete pouring project, your time crunch begins when you mix the batch of concrete. The typical pot life for Direct Colors Concrete Overlay is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. But, applying cold water to the mixture instead of room temperature water will extend that by 15 minutes.

The Trial Size of our Concrete Overlay covers approximately 1.5 square feet with a ¼ inch layer, or 5 square feet with a skim coat per 3 pound bag.

To apply, simply pour the mixture onto the project area. The overlay should spread out fairly easily on its own. If resurfacing a specific spot of a larger area, be sure to block off the repaired area, or smooth the edges into the existing concrete surface.

For a smooth appearance, finish the overlay using the included 12 Inch Magic Trowel. For a textured appearance, handwork the concrete overlay with a pool trowel or similar applicator.

Now we wait. Concrete Overlay generally takes a minimum of 24 hours to fully cure. But, check the surface yourself. Conditions like high humidity and surrounding moisture can lengthen the drying time a bit. If you’re planning to acid stain the surface after drying, give it a good 72 hours to fully cure.

And you’re done! Now enjoy your newly resurfaced concrete thanks to Direct Colors!

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