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Concrete Dye Sprayer


Reliable, re-useable, heavy duty acetone-based concrete dye sprayer suitable for Concrete Dye application.

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Concrete acetone dye sprayer with absolute shut off valve so tip will NEVER drip acetone dye

  • Built with acetone-resistant parts
  • Heavy density polyethylene tank
  • Positive locking device prevents accidental discharge
  • Wide mouth funnel top for easy concrete dye filling
  • Transparent tank enables you to see acetone dye level
  • 18" angled brass extension
  • 4' professional grade chemical resistant hose
  • Repairable pump assembly
  • Heavy-duty carry strap
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty on tank
  • Heavy-duty metal pump rod
  • Safety pressure release valve built into tank gasket. Will not allow pressure to exceed 55 psi
  • Adjustable pin to cone tip and fan spray tip standard

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