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Epoxy Sealer
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  • High Gloss Finish for Interior Countertops

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    Direct Colors Epoxy Countertop Sealer is a protective clear finish, two-component epoxy resin. Epoxy provides a deep, wet-look finish on countertops and other concrete projects. For best countertop results, top coat the epoxy with the Solvent-based, Polyurethane Sealer. Epoxy will abrade and discolor over time if the polyurethane coat is omitted. Do not apply epoxy to outdoor countertops or indoor countertops in direct sunlight.

    Surface Preparation:

    All surfaces should be clean, dry and free of any debris prior to application. Sand down or fill with slurry all “pinhole” air pockets or voids in the countertop surface prior to application. If pinholes persist, apply a primer coat of Water Based Sealer prior to the epoxy coating to reduce surface air bubbles. Topical sealers are not recommended for concrete countertops polished to 400 grit level or above.


    When properly applied to a smooth surface, each mini kit will cover 35 sq. ft. at 10 mils up to 50 sq. ft. at 3 mils. Coverage’s will vary with surface conditions. Do NOT allow to freeze.

    Mixing Instructions:

    As a two-part system, Part A must be thoroughly mixed into Part B in order for the material to properly set up for application. Mix 2 parts “A” to 1 part “B” by volume for smaller projects. Immediately replace each lid tightly. For larger countertops, add the Part A into Part B and begin to mix with a wooden stir stick. Mix completely; fold the material over onto itself and carefully scrape the sides of the can to assure nothing is left unmixed. Stir for 2-4 minutes until totally combined.  Once mixed, the pot life for the sealer is approximately 20-25 minutes at 75F so mix only what you can successfully apply in that period of time. Do not apply or continue to work the material after the pot life has elapsed.



    Use a piece of packing or duct tape to “de-fuzz” the 3/8” nap roller prior to application. After the sealer has been thoroughly mixed according to the instructions, pour a small amount of sealer onto the countertop surface careful to avoid dripping sealer over the edges. Using a 10 mil notched squeegeebegin to gauge an even coat depth by pulling the squeegee across the face of the countertop. Pour more sealer as needed to cover and gauge the entire surface. With the handheld roller, gently roll the sealer into place against the squeegee application lines. Roll again in the opposite direction. Carefully wet the roller with sealer and apply along the edges without dripping or overlapping the countertop face. Repeat steps for a second wet coat. A 4″ spiked roller is helpful to tool to break up air bubbles on the countertop surface should they occur. As a final step, gently roll the spiked roller up and down the countertop face covering the entire surface. Heat guns can also be used to deflate the bubbles before sealer begins to dry. Apply to countertops with a 60-100 grit profile. Sand pre-cast countertop surfaces poured on a melamine mat before applying.  Want to know more? See our post, “Why Use a Notched Sealer Squeegee?

    Drying Time:

    Surfaces sealed with Direct Colors Epoxy Sealer should cure for a minimum of 16 hours at approximately 75F before applying a polyurethane protective coat. Apply within 24 hours of the epoxy coat or wet-sand the surface with a 600-grit pad prior application to ensure good adhesion.

    Clean-Up, Maintenance and Cleaning:

    Epoxy Countertop Sealer can be cleaned prior to cure with isopropyl alcohol but can only be removed from fully-cured concrete surfaces using industrial paint strippers, such as the Soy Gel Paint and Sealer Stripper or by mechanical means. Surfaces sealed with a 100% Epoxy and a Polyurethane top coat are relatively low maintenance and should be cleaned as needed with a mild dishwashing soap solution and water.

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