Easy to maintain, durable and less expensive than common alternatives, Direct Colors concrete countertop kits outperform all other materials for price and performance. Avoid defects with cheaper materials like wood and composite, while customizing with color and design at a fraction of the price of granite. With Direct Colors help, you too can build, renovate or reimagine every counter in your home—from bathroom to outdoor kitchen—with beautiful concrete countertops.

While concrete’s ability to mimic costly materials like marble, granite and stone may be it’s greatest selling point, a wave of professional designers and DIY’ers are turning to Integrally Colored Concrete as the new standard in luxury home design. It’s easy to see the appeal, whether you are interested in a specific look or price point.

The first step is choosing the right application for you. Read on for details about all of your options, and be sure to take advantage of Direct Colors Inspiration, Project Calculator, How-To Guides and Free Expert Consultation.