Match Concrete Stain Colors to Concrete Pavers

Warm, Easy to Apply Colors for Outdoor Concrete

Our customer, Jerry S. from Sussex, N.J., laid colored concrete pavers for a walkway in the backyard. He used several different colors and it looked great. Later a pool was added and a deck poured in gray concrete. The gray concrete color wasn’t complimentary to the pavers so Jerry began to search for a solution and found Direct Colors!

As the multicolor look of the pavers was already “busy,” Jerry was looking for something with a more solid, neutral appearance. Acid stain generally provides variegated finish and probably wouldn’t be the best option for this project. Jerry also preferred something he could quickly apply, seal and get on with his summer.

Jerry submitted a free design consultation about his project and we recommended he consider staining the pool deck using Liquid Colored Antique Concrete Stain. Our concrete stain provides even, rich color and is our easiest colorant to apply – shake, spray and dry. No question he could have the whole pool deck finished and back in service over a weekend.

Jerry tried a colored antiquing stain trial kit to test color and color combination before ordering. The samples take only a few minutes to apply with a foam brush and can be scrubbed off later with stiff bristle brush and a soapy water solution. Ultimately he selected the concrete stain colors Cumin and Russet. For a 1000 sq. ft pool deck, Jerry ordered 10 gallons of Cumin, 3 gallons of Russet and 10 gallons of solvent-based satin finish acrylic concrete sealer, our #1 outdoor concrete sealer.

Application: Staining pool decks can be a messy business if not properly prepared so Jerry carefully masked off his pool coping and expansion joints before applying. Because he was concerned about damaging his plants and grass, he used a plastic or cardboard spray shield during the stain and sealer application process. Jerry applied two to three saturating coats of concrete stain using a pump up fence and deck sprayer allowing each to dry for 2-3 hours. Select tip with a wider aperture for rougher concrete textures. Allow the final coat 6-8 hours drying time before applying the first coat of sealer.

Using another pump-up fence and deck sprayer, Jerry sprayed an even saturating coat on the concrete allowing for 4-6 hours before applying the final coat. A few hours later Jerry and his family were able to enjoy their beautiful outdoor entertainment area!