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Direct Colors Promo Codes & Instant Savings

Now is the perfect time to tackle those long-avoided home improvement projects. Take advantage of limited-time markdowns and other incredible deals.

How to Create a Faux Brick Wall Design

Create faux brick stenciled concrete wall pattern using colored concrete overlay and tinted concrete sealers.

Concrete Acid Stain Colors Guide

Taking the first step toward colored concrete begins with a “colorful” understanding of which concrete acid stain colors are available, as well as a general appreciation of how the basic acid stain colors can be layered and combined for endless variety and depth.

How To Stain Concrete Basement Floors

For homeowners looking to add value to their house with a finished basement, at about $0.61 per sq. ft.; concrete stains offer the lowest-cost and highest-return of any flooring option.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Acid stained concrete floors are a low-cost design option that yield stunning results for commercial and residential flooring needs.

DIY Acid Stained Concrete Bathroom Floor

Acid Stain colors may be blended, layered or applied to the same concrete slab to produce an array of effects, ranging from a dreamy “washed” appearance to a mottled psychedelic finish

How To Pour Concrete Slabs With Integral Color

Learn everything you need to know about How To Pour Concrete Slabs with Integral Color. Direct Colors offers the best concrete pigment color selection for any size project.

How To Make Faux Wood Concrete Floor

Can You Believe It’s NOT Wood? Using Concrete Overlay, Liquid Colored Antique Concrete Stain and Pigment to Simulate a Wood Grain Concrete Finish.

Acid Concrete Stain on Countertops

Acid staining concrete countertops offers a one-of-a-kind finish unique to this process. Do it Yourself with Direct Colors. 10 Acid Stain Colors Available

Fixing Acid Stain Problems Made Easy

Learn the easy and fast steps you must use to correct Concrete Acid Stain Problems. Add highlights & improve color over previously acid-stained concrete!

Everything you need to make your DIY concrete stain project a success!