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  • Color or restore faded concrete
  • Ideal for textured and stamped concrete
  • Can be applied to previously colored or sealed concrete
  • NOTE: Antiquing stain must be sealed after application. Otherwise, the final color will not show and the stain can be washed off.

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    If you’re new to concrete staining, it can be hard to figure out exactly what materials and products you need to start and finish your project. But, with the right tools, anyone can use concrete antiquing stains to turn their patio, driveway, or other outdoor concrete into a work of art. For coloring stamped concrete, there’s no better product than Direct Colors’ Antiquing™ Stain.

    DIY Kit Includes

    • PPE - Gloves, Goggles
    • Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate - 1
    • Scrub Brush - 1
    • Cleaning Cloths - 3
    • Gallon Antiquing Concrete Stain Color - 1
    • Concrete Stain Pump Sprayer - 1
    • Pair of Spiked Shoes - 1
    • Gallon Acrylic Sealer, Solvent-Based, Satin - 1
    • Concrete Sealer Pump Sprayer - 1

    To help you get started, we’ve put together a guide to using this DIY concrete coloring kit. This guide will show you exactly what everything in your kit is for, and explain how to use it.

    Surface Preparation

    Cleaner and Degreaser, Scrub Brush

    The Cleaner and Degreaser in your DIY Concrete Antiquing Stain Kit is used to prepare your stamped concrete for staining. Paint, oil, and other materials on your stamped concrete won’t allow the stain to bond. So, in order to get the best result possible, these materials need to be cleaned from the surface. 

    The Cleaner and Degreaser, used along with the included Scrub Brush, will easily remove any unwanted materials from your stamped concrete. Once the surface has been cleaned and swept free of dust and debris, let concrete surface dry completely. Once dry, you’re ready to apply the concrete antiquing stain.

    Applying the Antiquing Stain

    Dust Mask, Safety Goggles & Gloves, Spiked Shoes

    With any DIY project, safety should be your number one priority. When applying concrete antiquing stain or any concrete coloring product, it’s important to take precautions to ensure your safety, and the safety of those around you. The Dust Mask and Safety Gloves included in your DIY Concrete Antiquing Stain Kit to prevent fume inhalation and skin irritation from direct contact with the stain. The Dust Mask can also be used when sanding or evening out the concrete surface using a hand or machine trowel.

    Spiked Shoes are used in concrete staining projects to prevent footprints and slipping when applying the antiquing stain. Concrete antiquing stains may take multiple layers to achieve the desired color. The Spiked Shoes included in your DIY Kit allow you to walk across and around your project area without affecting your previous layer.

    Concrete Antiquing Stain and Antiquing Stain Sprayer

    The Gallon of Concrete Antiquing Stain included in your DIY Kit is the colorant that will stain your stamped concrete. Concrete Antiquing Stain is available in over 30 unique colors. A gallon of concrete antiquing stain is enough to complete a 200 square foot project. This amount of stain accounts for multiple layers for you to achieve your desired color for your outdoor stamped concrete.

    Shake the bottle of concrete antiquing stain vigorously to activate the colorant. Open the lid and pour the antiquing stain into the Antiquing Stain Pump Sprayer. Shake the pump sprayer filled with concrete antiquing stain continuously to activate the colorant. Use the pump to increase the pressure, and start spraying.

    NOTE: Spray the concrete antiquing stain in a corner of your project area to test.

    Spray the concrete antiquing stain in even layers across the entire concrete surface until you achieve a “wet” consistency. Be sure to shake the pump sprayer periodically to avoid clumping around the nozzle.

    Allow the final coat of concrete antiquing stain to dry for up to 6 hours before sealing.

    Sealing the Stamped Concrete

    Acrylic Sealer, Solvent Based, Satin, Concrete Sealer Pump Sprayer

    You must apply sealer after using Antiquing stain. If you skip this step, the final color will not show and the stain can be washed off.

    Our Solvent-Based, Satin Acrylic Sealer is the perfect product to finish your concrete antiquing stain project. This sealer is perfect for outdoor concrete, is easy to apply, and highlights the underlying colors of your newly stained concrete floors.

    To apply the Direct Colors’ Solvent-Based Satin Acrylic Sealer, first pour the product into the Concrete Sealer Pump Sprayer. Put on your Dust Mask, Safety Gloves and Spiked Shoes. Evenly apply two coats of sealer to your stamped concrete surface. Allow each coat of concrete sealer at least 6 hours to dry before applying second or third layers.

    Once the final coat of sealer has dried, you’re all done!

    Enjoy your newly concrete antiquing stained stamped concrete!

    Note: As a made to order product, there are no refunds, exchanges, or returns.

    Due to DOT ORM-D Regulations this product can not be expedited and must be shipped Ground

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