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Concrete Dye Trial Kit
  • $44.05 $4.90 saving

  • Acetone-based concrete dye sample kit is ideal for concrete color testing and acid stain repairs. Kit includes 5 colors of choice, application tools and 2 acrylic concrete sealers.

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  • Includes
    • Select up to 5 out of 41 colors (4 oz each)
    • Select up to 2 out of 4 sealers (4 oz each)
    • Foam Application Brushes - (1 inch) - 7
    • Nitrile Safety Gloves - 1
    • Safety Goggles - 1
    • Dust Dask - 1
    • Scrub Brush - Soft Bristle - 1
    • Cleaning Cloth - 1
    • 5 Ounce Dye Sprayer Applicator
  • Ash Brown
    Aztec Brown
    Brick Red
    Burnt Orange
    Burnt Rouge
    Carnation Pink
    Coffee Brown
    Desert Pink
    English Red
    Golden Red
    Malayan Buff
    Mohave Dunes
    Poppy Red
    Powder Blue
    Pumpkin Spice
    Red Roof
    Rustic Brown
    Smokey Topaz
    Stormy Gray
    Sunset Tan
    Toasted Wheat
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    • Solvent-Based | High Gloss
    • Water-Based | High Gloss
    • Solvent-Based | Satin Finish
    • Water-Based | Satin Finish
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Our Concrete Dye Sample Kit offers a selection of our most popular colors for testing, smaller projects, design and stencil work. Choose from over 40 color options to create your own custom concrete dye sample kit. Concrete Dye is quick-drying, easy-to-apply acetone-based, translucent topical colorant intended for concrete floor or similar applications. When used properly, this product will provide true, consistent color for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Concrete Dye is a dye and seal product and is not intended for polished concrete floors.

  • Use with 150 ml of acetone for each color. Purchase acetone separately
  • Concrete Dye is a dye and seal product and is not intended for polished concrete floors
  • Perfect for pre-application testing and smaller jobs like stenciling or border work
  • Covers approximately 4 sq. ft. per sample depending on application technique and surface conditions
  • Use in conjunction with concrete acid stain and tinted concrete sealer concrete sealer for enhanced color and texture
  • Concrete Dye Custom Sample Kit available in over 40 colors

Concrete Dye is particularly useful when attempting to stain areas that cannot be easily colored with concrete acid stain. Concrete Dye is an excellent choice for secondary accents on tinted concrete sealer and acid stain  finishes, stenciling, design work, and borders. Dye can also be used on slabs not suitable for acid staining such as concrete poured with a waterproofing additive, with exposed aggregate or areas previously treated with muriatic acid.

    Concrete Dye must be applied with either an aerosol sprayer or an acetone sprayer. If using a hand-held pump-up sprayer, air pressure is essential to a successful concrete dye application. Pump up the sprayer to the highest point possible. The concrete dye should spray as a mist and not in the form of droplets. If the sprayer begins to drip and dye droplets form, stop and pump up the sprayer again. Frequently pumping the sprayer to maintain consistently high pressure will produce the best application results. The product cannot be applied with a brush, roller or similar applicator. Concrete dye is not a good choice for excessively rough and/or heavily-broomed concrete. For best results, pre-seal the surface before applying the dye with Acrylic Sealer. If the concrete has been ground or has a rougher texture, a second coat of sealer may be necessary. Three or more dye coats are generally required to achieve most colors. Each additional coat will produce a darker, more intense color. For enhanced color diversity, apply two or more colors. Seal concrete immediately after applying to protect the finish. Acetone must be purchased separately. 

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