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Deco Gel Trial Kit
  • $44.05 $4.90 saving

  • Deco Gel concrete acid stain sample kit is ideal for concrete wall color testing. Kit includes 5 colors of choice, application tools and 2 acrylic concrete sealers.

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  • Includes
    • Select up to 5 out of 9 colors (4 oz each)
    • Select up to 2 out of 5 sealers (4 oz each)
    • Foam Application Brushes - (1 inch) - 7
    • Nitrile Safety Gloves - 1
    • Safety Goggles - 1
    • Dust Dask - 1
    • Scrub Brush - Soft Bristle - 1
    • Cleaning Cloth - 1
  • Avocado
    Azure Blue
    Coffee Brown
    English Red
    Malayan Buff
    Sea Grass
    Shifting Sand
    You have chosen:
    No color selected

    • Acrylic Concrete Sealer|Water-Based|High Gloss
    • Acrylic Concrete Sealer|Solvent-Based|Satin Finish
    • Acrylic Concrete Sealer|Water-Based|Satin Finish
    • Penetrating Concrete Sealer|Hardener & Densifier
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Deco Gel Acid Stain Sample Kit is perfect for testing, smaller projects, and design work on floors or concrete decor. Deco Gel Acid Stain is an acid-based gel of minerals and acid designed to adhere without drips or runs to vertical surfaces and other projects such as garden décor. Deco Gel Acid Stain sample kit has been specifically designed for use on vertical applications, such as retaining walls and columns or garden décor, including statuary and cultured rocks. Deco Gel can be used in conjunction with our liquid acid stain for projects that have both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The acid mixes with the cement to force a chemical reaction, which changes the color of the cement similar to a forced rusting. When covered with the proper sealer the acid stain produces a bright, variegated surface color unique to this process.


Available in larger quantities for floor borders, pool deck coping, steps and more. Individual Deco Gel samples for color testing are also available.


  4 oz. of each Deco Gel 5 color plus 2 sample of Satin Gloss Water-based Sealer (4 oz each)

   Perfect for concrete décor, borders/accents, stencils or countertop projects

   Covers approximately 1-2 sq. ft. per sample depending on concrete porosity and surface conditions

   Apply using a foam brush or foam roller. Artist brushes can be used for close work


***Note: Azure Blue, Avocado, Shifting Sand and Sea Grass are for indoor use only. For more information about using blue and green acid stains outdoors, listen to our podcast for all the details!

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