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Still in the process of finishing, but so far looks awesome and professionally done! Love your products!


  • Stain or restore faded concrete
  • Ideal for textured and stamped concrete
  • Can be applied to previously colored concrete
  • NOTE: Antiquing stain must be sealed after application

    How many kits should I purchase?

    It will depend on the square footage of your application.

    One kit has a coverage rate of 200 square feet per gallon (2 coats) depending on concrete porosity. Two or more coats are required.

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    Antiquing Concrete Stain is the best choice for staining outdoor stamped concrete. Easily add or restore color to previously stained concrete pathways, and stamped concrete where color has faded. Our premium, spray-on formula applies directly on top of existing stains, sealers, and begins coloring concrete immediately.

    Direct Colors’ Antiquing Concrete Stain & Seal Kit is perfect for the DIYer that already has all the tools or needs extra stain and sealer to compliment the DIY Antiquing Concrete Stain Kit to get the job done. You will need to buy two pump sprayers (one for the stain and one for the sealer) and safety gear if you don't already have it. Our Antiquing Concrete Stain & Seal Kit only gives you what you need to stain approximately a 200 sq ft surface depending on porosity.

    This Kit Includes:

    • Antiquing Concrete Stain - 1 Gal
    • Solvent-Based, Satin Finish, Acrylic Concrete Sealer - 1 Gal
    • Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate - 4 oz (Makes 1 Gal)

    Quick Facts

    • Application Tool: Pump Sprayer
    • Dry Time: 6 - 8 hours before applying exterior concrete sealer (sealer application is a required step)
    • Cleanup: Mineral Spirits
    • Coverage: Approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon depending on porosity
    • ExteriorSealer: Solvent-based, acrylic concrete sealer
    • Recommended Uses: Concrete patios, driveways, pool decks, walkways or any textured, brushed or stamped concrete surface.

    Note: Since this is a made to-order-product, we cannot offer refunds, exchanges, or returns.
    Due to DOT-ORM-D regulations, this product cannot be expedited and can only be shipped by ground.


    New or existing exterior stamped concrete surfaces such as: Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks, and Walkways. 


    DO NOT apply Antiquing Stain In poorly ventilated areas and/or very smooth concrete surfaces.


    • New concrete must cure for a minimum of 30 days, and may be influenced by wet or dry weather
    • Remove dirt and debris using a Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate
    • Clean floor thoroughly and make sure it is completely rinsed and dry before staining. A pressure washer may be used outdoors
    • Protect surrounding areas from backsplash with drop cloths or firm cardboard
    • When working with multiple colors, do not apply tape to surfaces recently coated with stain or sealer, as the adhesive may remove the coatings


    • Shake Antiquing Stain bottle thoroughly 
    • Pour the stain directly into a pump sprayer
    • Continue to shake periodically during application to ensure particulate does not settle at the bottom
    • Tip: Practice spraying on a piece of cardboard or newspaper
    • ImportantTest the color first, using a small corner area of your concrete slab
    • Tip: Wear chemical resistant Spiked Shoes to prevent foot prints 
    • Apply Antiquing Stain using a random, straight or circular motion until a "wet" appearance is achieved
    • Allow 6 – 8 hours to dry before applying additional coats


    • To complete the staining, a clear protective finish must be applied. Use a premium, easy-to-use sealer such as Direct Colors Acrylic Concrete Sealers
    • Allow stain to dry 8 hours before applying a high quality solvent-based acrylic concrete sealer
    • For a perfect seal that protects your hard work for years to come, read our How to Apply Acrylic Concrete Sealer instructions



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