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Antiquing Concrete Stain Kit


  • Easy to apply to concrete pathways, patios, pavers, stamped concrete and more
  • Clean, stain and seal any 200 sq. ft outdoor project
  • Over 30 unique colors to choose from

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    Direct Colors’ Antiquing Concrete Stain is the best choice for staining outdoor concrete. Easily add or restore color to previously stained or sealed concrete pathways, patio, pavers and stamped concrete where color has faded. Our premium, spray-on formula applies directly on top of existing sealers and begins coloring concrete immediately.

    This Kit Includes

    Quick Facts

    Application Tool: Pump sprayer, sponge or foam brush
    Dry Time: 5-6 hours before applying exterior concrete sealer
    Cleanup: Mineral spirits
    Coverage: Aproximately 200 sq. ft. per kit depending on concrete porosity
    Recommended Uses: Stamped concrete, concrete brick pavers, rough concrete, cultured stone, previously acid stained concrete surface

    The Differences Between Concrete Stains, Dyes and Pigments

    Note: As a made to order product, there are no refunds, exchanges, or returns.

    Due to DOT ORM-D Regulations this product can not be expedited and must be shipped Ground


    Concrete Antiquing Stain can be applied with a pump-up fence, deck sprayer, spray bottle, foam brushes or sponges. Stir or shake vigorously before application, and regularly agitate the mixture to prevent settling. 

    Depending on the desired finish, apply the Concrete Antiquing Stain evenly onto the surface. On stamped or textured concrete, the fluid will flow into the crevices and indentations of the surface. For smooth concrete, spray more in the areas where additional accents or shadowing is desired. Two or more Concrete Antiquing Stain colors can be used to build color on the surface or to produce a more diverse affect. Let the first coat to dry completely before applying additional coats and/or colors. Allow  to dry for a minimum 5-6 hours.Apply concrete sealer

    For best results with Concrete Antiquing Stain, sealers should be either sprayed on or carefully applied with a shortnapped roller. Depending on exposure to sun, temperature and general weather conditions, the average acrylic topcoat sealer will last 2-3 years.

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