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Concrete Acid Stain Trial Kit
  • $48.95

  • Concrete acid stain sample kit is ideal for concrete stain color testing. Kit includes 5 colors of choice, application tools and choices of satin, glass, water-based and solvent-based acrylic concrete sealers.

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  • Includes
    • Select up to 5 out of 10 colors (4 oz each)
    • Select up to 2 out of 5 sealers (4 oz each)
    • Foam application brushes - (1 inch) - 7
    • Nitrile Safety Gloves - 1
    • Safety Goggles - 1
    • Dust mask - 1
    • Scrub Brush - Soft Bristle - 1
    • Cleaning cloth - 3
  • Avocado
    Azure Blue
    Coffee Brown
    Desert Amber
    English Red
    Malayan Buff
    Sea Grass
    Shifting Sand
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    No color selected

    • Acrylic Concrete Sealer | Solvent-Based | High Gloss
    • Acrylic Concrete Sealer | Water-Based | High Gloss
    • Acrylic Concrete Sealer | Solvent-Based | Satin Finish
    • Acrylic Concrete Sealer | Water-Based | Satin Finish
    • Penetrating Concrete Sealer | Hardener & Densifier
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The Concrete Acid Stain Sample Trial Kit is perfect for color testing on larger projects as well as quickly adding color to smaller concrete projects. It's easy to apply and works great for indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces. This is one of the fastest ways to add or restore concrete color and it's a cost effective, one-step color option for indoor or outdoor surfaces.