Doing-It-Yourself. DIY Kitchen Concrete Countertop

A Concrete Countertop is a Durable, Yet Beautiful Way to Enhance your Kitchen

Scope of Project — Poured, Acid Stained Kitchen Concrete Countertop


Jack Jones, a general contractor from Genesee, Pa., had been interested in using concrete countertops for years, but many of his clients shied away from it. When it came time to remodel his kitchen, he had the opportunity to build one.


The largest piece is just over 4′ wide and almost 9′ long at the longest point. Mr. Jones ground and polished the surface to expose the aggregate and used Coffee Brown Acid Stain to color the concrete, and sealed it with Water-Based Polyurethane Concrete Sealer. For best results, prime the surface with a coat of Water Based Acrylic Sealer before the applying the polyurethane.


“It amazes me how beautiful concrete can be. This is a material that most people think of as bland, boring, and almost exclusively utilitarian,” Jack Jones said. “When it came time to remodel my own kitchen it finally gave me the opportunity to build one. I have gotten loads of compliments. And after a year and a half of hard use, I’m convinced that this is a product I can confidently offer my customers.”