Direct Colors Concrete Pigment Color Charts are designed to provide a close approximation of what our customers can expect achieve in gray concrete. For custom pours such as countertop mixes, plaster, stucco, grout and other cement-based products, when adjusted properly for specific job requirements, the colors vary within an acceptable range for most of our customers.

Concrete pigment color samples were casted using Gray Portland Cement mixed with Direct Colors powder pigment and sealed with a satin sealer.

GRY-202-5 ASH Pigment GRY-102-7 GALAXY BLACK Pigment GRY-102-6 KOHL Pigment GRY-102-5 SMOKESTACK Pigment GRY-102-4 CHARCOAL Pigment GRY-102-3 SHADOW Pigment GRY-102-2 BATTLESHIP GRAY Pigment GRY-102-1 WEATHERED TIN Pigment GRY-102-0 TAUPE GRAY Pigment

GRY-201-7 OPEN SEA Pigment GRY-201-6-NAVY Pigment GRY-201-5 EGYPTIAN BLUE Pigment GRY-201-4 LAPIS Pigment GRY-201-3 COBALT Pigment GRY-201-2 ROYAL BLUE Pigment GRY-201-1 PRAIRIE BLUE Pigment GRY-201-0-PACIFIC BLUE Pigment

GRY-202-7 SAPPHIRE Pigment GRY-202-6 BLUE JAY Pigment GRY-202-5 SLATE BLUE Pigmen GRY-202-4 LIGHT BLUE Pigment GRY-202-2 PERIWINKLE Pigment GRY-202-1 ICE BLUE Pigment GRY-202-0 BLUE GRAY Pigment

GRY-203-7 BLUEBERRY Pigment GRY-203-6 DESERT BLUEBELL Pigment GRY-203-5 PERSIAN BLUE Pigment GRY-203-4 YALE BLUE Pigment GRY-203-3 MIDNIGHT BLUE Pigment GRY-203-2 DENIM Pigment GRY-203-1 OCEAN BLUE Pigment GRY-203-0 BLUE GRAY Pigment

GRY-204-7 FERN Pigment GRY-204-6 KELLY GREEN Pigment GRY-204-5-FOREST GREEN Pigment GRY-204-4 EUCALYPTUS Pigment GRY-204-3 MINT GREEN Pigment GRY-204-2 MOSS Pigment GRY-204-1-SEA GREEN Pigment GRY-204-0 SAGE Pigment

GRY-101-7 TURKEY RED Pigment GRY-101-6 SANGRIA Pigment GRY-101-5 FIRE BRICK Pigment GRY-101-4 TAWNY Pigment GRY-101-3 MERLOT Pigment GRY-101-2 AMARANTH MOSS Pigment GRY-101-1 EVENING SHADOW Pigment GRY-101-0 DARK TEA ROSE Pigment

GRY-103-7 PEANUT Pigment GRY-103-6 CUMIN Pigment GRY-103-5 BARK Pigment GRY-103-4 CARAWAY Pigment GRY-103-3 OLIVE TREE Pigment GRY-103-2 THYME Pigment GRY-103-1 REED GRASS Pigment GRY-103-0 SAHARA Pigment

GRY-104-7 MANDARIN Pigment GRY-104-6 BRONZE Pigment GRY-104-5 CIDER Pigment GRY-104-4 OCHRE Pigment GRY-104-3 BRIAR BUFF Pigment GRY-104-2 WILDWOOD BUFF Pigment GRY-104-1 WHEAT BUFF Pigment GRY-104-0 HEATHER Pigment

GRY-105-7 ORANGE LILY Pigment GRY-105-6 SALAMANDAR Pigment GRY-105-5 CANYON BROWN Pigment GRY-105-4 CARROT Pigment GRY-105-3 SANTA FE TAN Pigment GRY-105-2 CREAMSICLE Pigment GRY-105-1 FRONTIER BUFF Pigment GRY-105-0 PEACH Pigment

GRY-106-6 MARMALADE Pigment PIG-106-5 TURMERIC Pigment GRY-106-4 NAVAJO Pigment GRY-106-3 UPLANDS Pigment GRY-106-2 CARAMEL Pigment GRY-106-1 SAN JUAN Pigment

GRY-107-7 OUTBACK Pigment GRY-107-6 MEDIUM OAK Pigment GRY-107-5 COGNAC Pigment GRY-107-4 TAWNY Pigment GRY-107-3 GOLD Pigment GRY-107-2 BAMBOO Pigment GRY-107-1 MACADAMIA Pigment GRY-107-0 BUFF Pigment

GRY-108-7 AUTUMN MAPLE Pigment GRY-108-6 SQUASH Pigment GRY-108-5 Yam Pigment GRY-108-4 BURNISHED COPPER Pigment GRY-108-3 Persimmon Pigment GRY-108-2 MONARCH Pigment GRY-108-1 SANDSTONE Pigment GRY-108-0 APRICOT Pigment

GRY-109-7 SUGAR MAPLE Pigment GRY-109-6 COLORADO Pigment GRY-109-5-TERRA COTTA PLAIN Pigment GRY-109-4 AUTUMN BLAZE Pigment GRY-109-3 SAFETY ORANGE Pigment GRY-109-2 FLAME Pigment GRY-109-1 PEACH BEGONIA Pigment GRY-109-0 WARM BEIGE Pigment

GRY-110-7 CALAMONDIN Pigment GRY-110-6 CALIFORNIA POPPY Pigment GRY-110-5 CLEMENTINE Pigment GRY-110-4 SAFFRON Pigment GRY-110-3 GAMBOGE Pigment GRY-110-0 DUNE Pigment

GRY-111-7 FULVOUS Pigment GRY-111-6 RUST Pigment GRY-111-5 ANTIQUE OAK Pigment GRY-111-4 RATTAN Pigment GRY-111-3 HARVEST GOLD Pigment GRY-111-2 GOLDEN BUFF Pigment GRY-111-1 RAMIE Pigment GRY-111-0 RAFFIA Pigment

GRY-112-7 OKLAHOMA Pigment GRY-112-6 RED CLAY Pigment GRY-112-5 SPICE Pigment GRY-112-4 HENNA Pigment GRY-112-3 ROCKY CRAG Pigment GRY-112-2 CANELA Pigment GRY-112-1 MOCHA Pigment GRY-112-0 TAN Pigment

GRY-113-7 CHESTNUT Pigment GRY-113-6 CACAO BEAN Pigment GRY-113-5 TEFF Pigment GRY-113-4 WALNUT Pigment GRY-113-3 TOBACCO Pigment GRY-113-2 PETRIFIED WOOD Pigment GRY-113-1 CAFE AU LAIT Pigment GRY-113-0 LATTE Pigment

GRY-114-7 BOURBON Pigment GRY-114-6 COPPER Pigment GRY-114-5 SADDLE Pigment GRY-114-4 GINGERBREAD Pigment GRY-114-3 BUCKWHEAT Pigment GRY-114-2 TUMBLEWEED Pigment GRY-114-1 BEIGE Pigment GRY-114-0 FLAX Pigment

GRY-115-7 BROWN LEATHER Pigment GRY-115-6 COFFEE Pigment GRY-115-5 MACCHIATO Pigment GRY-115-4 PANELA Pigment GRY-115-3-COCOA BROWN Pigment GRY-115-2 ARIZONA Pigment GRY-115-1 TAUPE Pigment GRY-115-0 ALMOND Pigment

GRY-116-7 ESPRESSO Pigment GRY-116-6 CORDOVAN Pigment GRY-116-5 BOLE Pigment GRY-116-4 BISON Pigment GRY-116-3 DEEP BRONZE Pigment GRY-116-2 CORTADO Pigment GRY-116-1 MILK CHOCOLATE Pigment GRY-116-0 BLUSH Pigment

GRY-117-7 RED BROMELIAD Pigment GRY-117-6 BLAZE Pigment GRY-117-5 MARS Pigment GRY-117-4 MAGMA Pigment GRY-117-3 EARTHEN RED Pigment GRY-117-2 PAPAYA Pigment GRY-117-1 DESERT ROUGE Pigment GRY-117-0 NECTARINE Pigment

GRY-118-7 SABLE Pigment GRY-118-6 SUEDE Pigment GRY-118-5 ARABIA Pigment GRY-118-3 PUMA Pigment GRY-118-2 SAGE Pigment GRY-118-1 WINTERFIELD BUFF Pigment GRY-118-0 COTTON Pigment

GRY-119-7 MUSTARD Pigment GRY-119-6 LIONESS Pigment GRY-119-5 MARIGOLD Pigment GRY-119-4 HONEYDEW Pigment GRY-119-3 TARNISHED BRASS Pigment GRY-119-2 DIJON Pigment GRY-119-0 CHAMPAGNE Pigment

GRY-120-7 VERMILION Pigment GRY-120-6 SCARLET Pigment GRY-120-5 WATERMELON Pigment GRY-120-4 MAJESTIC SUNRISE Pigment GRY-120-3 SINOPIA Pigment GRY-120-2 CORAL Pigment GRY-120-1 DAWN Pigment GRY-120-0 PINK Pigment

GRY-121-7 LAVA Pigment GRY-121-6 TAMARILLO Pigment GRY-121-5 FLAMINGO Pigment GRY-121-4 BRICK RED Pigment GRY-121-3 RED DAHLIA Pigment GRY-121-2 SALMON Pigment GRY-121-1 SUNDRIED TOMATO Pigment GRY-121-0 BALLERINA Pigment

GRY-122-7 DARK CORAL Pigment GRY-122-6 MIAMI PINK Pigment GRY-122-5 ANTIQUE ROSE Pigment GRY-122-4 MORGANITE Pigment GRY-122-3 UMBER Pigment GRY-122-1 BARELY LAVENDER Pigment GRY-122-0 SEASHELL Pigment