Direct Colors Concrete Pigment Color Charts are designed to provide a close approximation of what our customers can expect achieve in white concrete. For custom pours such as countertop mixes, plaster, stucco, grout and other cement-based products, when adjusted properly for specific job requirements, the colors vary within an acceptable range for most of our customers.

Concrete pigment color samples were casted using White Portland Cement mixed with Direct Colors powder pigment and sealed with a satin sealer.

WHT-205-5 PEARL WHITE Pigment WHT-102-2 SOFT GRAY Pigment WHT-202-5 PANTONE Pigment WHT-202-3 PERIWINKLE Pigment WHT-202-0 CADET BLUE Pigment WHT-203-3 NAVY Pigment WHT-203-1 CERULEAN Pigment WHT-201-7 NAUTICAL BLUE Pigment WHT-201-6 TURCHINO Pigment WHT-201-5 PEACOCK BLUE Pigment WHT-201-4 AZURITE Pigment WHT-201-3 ROYAL BLUE Pigment WHT-201-2 MACAW BLUE Pigment WHT-201-1 CORNFLOWER Pigment WHT-201-0 SKYE BLUE Pigment WHT-204-1 CREME MINT Pigment WHT-101-1 PLUM Pigment WHT-101-3 SEQUOIA Pigment WHT-104-1 SUNSET TAN Pigment WHT-103-4 CAMEL Pigment WHT-105-1 SUNWASHED CLAY Pigment WHT-105-3 OCTOBER BRONZE Pigment WHT-106-1 SUN DUST Pigment WHT-106-3 PUMPKIN Pigment WHT-107-1 CAPPUCCINO Pigment WHT-108-1 PEACH Pigment WHT-108-3 TERRAN Pigment WHT-109-1 LEAF FALL Pigment WHT-109-3 AUTUMN Pigment WHT-110-1 SUNGLOW Pigment WHT-110-3 APRICOT Pigment WHT-111-1 BEACHFRONT BUFF Pigment WHT-111-3 CAKE BUFF Pigment WHT-112-1 EVERLAND BUFF Pigment WHT-112-3 NEW BARK Pigment WHT-113-1 COTTAGE BROWN Pigment WHT-113-3 CAFE Pigment WHT-114-0 ALMOND Pigment WHT-114-2 DESERT SAND Pigment WHT-114-3 ESPRESSO Pigment WHT-115-1 PEBBLE Pigment  WHT-118-1 CREAM BEIGE Pigment WHT-118-1 CREAM BEIGE Pigment WHT-118-3 TAWNY Pigment WHT-119-1 MALAYAN BUFF Pigment WHT-120-1 BLUSH Pigment WHT-121-1 WILDFLOWER Pigment WHT-121-3 DUSTY ROSE Pigment WHT-122-3 MAUVE Pigment