Use Acid Stain to Make Kitchen Countertops a Showpiece

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These elegant acid stained kitchen countertops are the latest creation by Brad Carlisle at William B. Carlisle Design. He puts a great deal of time and planning into his work to ensure that the countertop he designs will as closely complement the kitchen he’s placing it in as possible. Brad has been kind enough to share some of this “tricks of the trade” about this project to help homeowners make wise decisions when choosing colors and remodeling their own countertops.

Let Acid Stain provide the “Drama” in your Remodeling Design!

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Tip #1

For Best Color Results, Pour or Overlay with White Concrete.

White concrete tends to offer truer color results especially if you’re working with blue and green acid stain colors. Having said that, not all of the colors look the same as the Direct Colors Acid Stain Color Chart on white concrete so be sure to pour or overlay a few sample boards for testing. As a general rule, the reddish brown colors like Cola and English Red tend to be more reddish orange and the same could be said for the Malayan Buff and Desert Amber. Both have more warm tones on white than on gray concrete. I’d recommend cutting the stains with water and working with varies dilution rates to get just what you’re looking for.

Tip #2

Dampen the Concrete First and Have Everything you Need for Staining at Arm’s Reach.

Because acid stain is a chemically-reactive product, you want to work efficiently to get the best results. If you want to create a marbled look on your acid stained kitchen countertops, you’ll need dampen the concrete before you start and apply each stain color while the previous application is still wet. This is called a wet-on-wet technique and generally produced a more blended and natural appearance. If you’re looking for more defined areas of color, you can apply the stain across the entire countertop and spray the other colors on top carefully maintaining the integrity of the base color in the areas where you’d like it to stand out particularly if that is the lightest color in your pallet.

Tip #3

If your Countertops are Busy, your Floors and Walls Shouldn’t be.

Marble-like acid stained kitchen countertops have a lot of movement and color. Your kitchen should be a balance of patterns/designs and muted, more solid colors. The technique used on this countertop is intended to draw the eye and be the most dramatic element in the kitchen so keep that in mind when selecting wall and floor color. Acid stained countertops can be much more sedate and uniform in color if preferred. There’s no wrong way to acid stain a countertop. Just do the research and plan out your kitchen design in advance.

Tip #4

Incorporate One Color from the Countertop with the Cabinets.

Tie in the marbled countertop finish with the cabinets for the most impressive overall look. It doesn’t have to be an exact match but it should be close enough to blend in with the look and feel of the space. One word of caution. Be careful to select acid stain colors, cabinetry and floor finishes that don’t unintentionally turn your kitchen into a dungeon…unless that’s what you’re looking for!  Keep the walls light if you plan to go with coffee brown and Black Stain Project Photo Gallery acid stains. Also, if you’re planning to acid staining the floors, consider cutting stains with water for a lighter shade that’s still in the same color family.

Tip #5

Select a Countertop Sealer with Kitchen Lighting and Personal Taste in Mind.

Polyurethane sealers are a good choice for kitchen countertops but you want to choose the right sealer for your kitchen. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, a glossier sealer might be a better choice. In a more sunny environment, you might what to consider a matte countertop sealer instead to reduce glare. At the end of the day, choose what you want but keep these suggestions in mind in the process.

If you’re in or near Oklahoma, contact Brad Carlisle for a countertop estimate! If you’d like to try an indoor or outdoor countertop project yourself, speak to Justin at Direct Colors. We’d be happy to walk you through the project and recommend the right products for the job!