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Calculator for Pigment Trial Kits vs Amount of Portland Cement

The ColorBlast Pigment Calculator simplifies the process of mixing concrete pigments with Portland cement. Start by choosing your cement color, either white or gray, and then select the pigment number shown on the bag. The calculator will then display the four possible color blends based on your choices. Next, input the amount of cement you're using in pounds, and the calculator will instantly calculate the exact amount of pigment needed, presented in both tablespoons and teaspoons. This feature ensures you can easily measure the right quantity from each bag for consistent, vibrant, and precise color results in your projects.

STEP 1: Select Cement Color

Choose between White or Gray Portland Cement as your base.

STEP 2: Choose Pigment Number

Select your pigment number from the dropdown based on the number on your pigment bag to view color options.

STEP 3: Select Your Color Blend

Pick one of the four color blend swatches based on your cement and pigment choices.

STEP 4: Enter Your Cement Amount

Input your cement quantity in pounds to calculate the needed pigment.


Results will be displayed here once you've selected a color blend.