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Calculator for Pigment Trial Kits vs Amount of Portland Cement

Once you've finished these steps, the calculator will tell you exactly how many teaspoons and tablespoons of the chosen pigment you need to achieve your selected color. Isn't that handy? Get started now!

STEP 1: Pick Your Cement Color

Let's start! Choose between White Portland Cement or Gray Portland Cement.

STEP 2: Enter Your Pigment Number

Next, select the Pigment Number you're using from the dropdown menu. Once you've chosen, you'll see a display with four colors related to this pigment.

STEP 3: Pick Your Desired Color

Now, look at these four colors for and pick the one you like best.

STEP 4: Enter Your Cement Amount

Almost there! Key in the amount of you're using for your project in pounds.


Your result will appear here after you select a color.