Create faux brick stenciled concrete wall pattern using Concrete Overlay and Pigment. DIY homeowners commonly use stencils to mimic stone or brick, and now some are applying the same technique to walls and other vertical surfaces for the most custom look possible.

How Do You Create a Faux Brick Wall On Concrete?

With the aid of a self-adhesive paper stencil or a DIY 1/4″ masking tape stencil and Direct Colors integrally colored concrete overlay sprayed  with a hopper gun, Ken is going to show us how this is done!


Ken Lazenby with Ken’s Custom Designs is just the type of contractor who readily takes up such a project. Not afraid to innovate solutions for whatever the jobsite throws at him, Ken recently took on just such a project and we are pleased to present his outcome here. 

Faux Brick Stenciled Concrete Wall
Before and after photo of a concrete wall stenciled to look like a brick wall

This building was constructed in 1927 and was  in a very poor condition when Ken began work. The floor and walls had both been cut and patched for wiring and plumbing at various points in the past. 

Ken decided to start from scratch on both the walls and floors by leveling the surface with concrete patching compound.

Condition of Floor and Walls Prior to Refinishing with Smooth Gray Concrete Overlay
Condition of floor and walls prior to refinishing with concrete overlay
Before Faux Brick Wall Stencil
Ken started from scratch on both the walls and floors with concrete patches

Stencils offer a variety of pattern options for  concrete surfaces. Ken used a self-adhesive stencil to create a faux brick surface on accent walls and intrusive columns. 

Brick Concrete Stencil for Walls
Concrete Artisan Ken Lazenby's amazing concrete wall transformation

Ken applied a coat of smooth gray overlay to the walls and taped it off using a brick stencil. Then, he sprayed a thin coat of gray based colored Earthen Red concrete overlay to create the faux brick finish.

DIY faux brick wall stencil using 1/2" masking tape
Faux brick self-adhesive wall stencil

Once dry, Ken stripped the stencil and highlighted random bricks with varying shades of tinted concrete sealers for a more authentic brick wall facade.

As the final touch, Ken sealed the concrete design with a satin finish concrete sealer to protect and deepen the color.

Faux Red Brick Concrete Wall Stencil
Earthen Red (1830 - 3lb.) Pigment mixed in gray smooth concrete overlay enhanced and sealed with various tones of red tinted concrete sealers.

Due to plumbing and electrical cuts, the floor also needed an overhaul. Read more and learn how Ken got the job done

Before and After Concrete Floor and Wall Stenciling with Concrete Overlay, Pigments and Stain
Before and After Concrete Floor and Wall Stenciling with Concrete Overlay, Pigments and Stain

Direct Colors Concrete Overlay can be used a variety of ways, from resurfacing an old countertop to refinishing a patio floor. This material is so versatile that it can be sprayed on a vertical or horizontal surface with a hopper gun to create any faux finish.