How to Create a Realistic Brick Pattern on Concrete Walls

Coffee Brown Acid Stained Floors and Stenciled Concrete Overlay Walls

Are you looking to add some brick-like style to your concrete walls? Stenciling is a great way to achieve a faux brick look without the cost and labor of installing actual brick. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use stencils and concrete overlay to create a realistic brick pattern on your walls.

  1. Gather your materials: You’ll need a self-adhesive paper stencil or a DIY masking tape stencil, as well as Direct Colors integrally colored concrete overlay and a hopper gun.
  2. Apply a base coat of smooth gray overlay: Use the hopper gun to apply a coat of smooth gray concrete overlay to the wall.
  3. Tape off the area with the stencil: Use the self-adhesive paper stencil or the DIY masking tape stencil to mark off the area where you want the brick pattern to appear.
  4. Spray a thin coat of colored overlay: Use the hopper gun to spray a thin coat of colored concrete overlay (we used Earthen Red) over the taped off area. This will create the brick finish.
  5. Remove the stencil and add highlights: Once the overlay has dried, carefully remove the stencil and add highlights by applying varying shades of tinted concrete sealer to random bricks.
  6. Seal the concrete: Finish the project by sealing the concrete with a satin finish sealer to protect and deepen the color.
DIY faux brick wall stencil using 1/2" masking tape
Faux brick self-adhesive wall stencil
Faux Brick Stenciled Concrete Wall
Before and after photo of a concrete wall stenciled to look like a brick wall

With this technique, you can transform your plain concrete walls into a stylish brick feature. And, because the process involves using concrete overlay, you can easily apply this technique to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Give it a try and add some brick-like charm to your home!

Faux Red Brick Concrete Wall Stencil
Sinopia (1830 - 3lb.) Pigment mixed in gray smooth concrete overlay enhanced and sealed with various tones of red tinted concrete sealers.
Faux Brick Stenciled Concrete Overlay Wall
Faux Brick Stenciled Concrete Overlay Wall