Repair Carpet Tack Strip Holes in Concrete Floors – A Step-by-Step Guide

After removing old carpet, you may be left with unsightly holes in your concrete floor. But don’t worry, repairing these tack holes is a straightforward process. You have two options for filling the holes – a concrete overlay or a concrete patching compound. Both options will work well and the choice is up to you.

Old, dirty, and stained carpet
Old, dirty, and stained carpeted basement
Concrete floor after removing carpet
Carpet tack holes and glue after removing carpet

To create a seamless look, consider applying a thin layer of concrete overlay around the perimeter of the room to cover the tack holes and create a border for your newly stained concrete floor. Keep in mind that the patching material may react differently to concrete stain and may be more noticeable than the surrounding floor.

old carpeted basement
old carpeted basement
Concrete overlay on basement floor
Concrete overlay on basement floor

How to Apply Concrete Overlay

Here’s how to repair the tack holes:

  1. Using pliers, carefully remove any remaining nails from the perimeter of the floor and dispose of them.
  2. Use a wire brush to smooth out and remove any loose debris from the tack holes.
  3. Vacuum the entire room, then use a thin attachment to vacuum over each tack hole for 3-4 seconds to remove any remaining dust.
  4. Prepare your patching material according to the mixing instructions and apply a skim coat of about 1/8 inch to the tack holes. Follow the specific application instructions for the product you choose.
  5. Allow the floor to dry overnight. And that’s it – you now have a repaired concrete floor ready for staining or your desired flooring finish.

Once the patching material has dried, you can move on to staining or finishing your concrete floor. Keep in mind that the patching material may react differently to the concrete stain or finish, so it’s a good idea to test a small area first to ensure the desired results. With some patience and attention to detail, you can easily repair the carpet tack holes in your concrete floor and achieve a beautiful, seamless finish. Good luck with your project!