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  • Budget-Friendly: Refresh old surfaces with Resurface-It™.
  • High Strength: Tougher than regular concrete.
  • 100+ Colors: Customize with dyes, stains, and stencils.
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        How much do I need to refinish my project?

        It will depend on the thickness of your application.

        You can apply concrete overlay as thick as 1/4" or as thin as 1/16". The most common concrete overlay thickness is 1/8".

        Choose the base color and color options above then use the calculator below to see how much concrete overlay to buy.

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        Introducing Resurface-It™, your go-to solution for giving tired surfaces a fresh, modern look. Known also as a Concrete Micro-topping, this powerful mix is like a makeover for your old concrete, laminate, plywood, or tile.
          Why Should You Choose Resurface-It™?
          • Budget-Friendly Refresh: Instead of the expense and hassle of ripping out and replacing old, damaged concrete, simply cover it up with our overlay for a brand-new finish. It can often save you time and money!
          • Super Strength: Resurface-It™ isn't just any overlay. Its PSI (a measure of strength) is even greater than regular concrete. This means it’s tough enough to handle heavy-duty areas like driveways.
          • Color and Creativity: With its natural gray and white shades, Resurface-It™ is pretty on its own. But, if you're feeling creative, you can choose from over 100 colors or even add special designs with dyes, stains, and stencils.
          • Durable and Long-Lasting: Made with specially modified cement, our micro-topping is designed for both homes and businesses. It's built to last and look great for years.
                Resurface-It™ offers an easy, cost-effective way to give old surfaces a brand-new look. It's stronger, customizable, and designed for everyone, from homeowners to business owners. With Resurface-It™, there’s no need for expensive fixes when you can simply overlay and enjoy!

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                How-To Guide

                Resurface-It™ Concrete Overlay How-To Guide

                Safety Precautions

                Caution: May be harmful if swallowed or ingested. Contact with skin can cause mild irritation. Avoid contact with eyes.

                Disclaimer: Direct Colors does not warranty or guarantee results. Variations in concrete or improper application may result in unintended outcomes. Always test the product on a small, inconspicuous area and allow it to fully cure to ensure compatibility and desired results.

                Step 1: Preparation

                General Precautions:

                • Cover areas at risk of over-spray using a plastic drop cloth.
                • Ensure newly poured concrete has cured for 15 days before application.

                For Existing Concrete:

                • Remove paint or previous sealers with Soy Gel Stripper.
                • Eliminate carpet glue or other adhesives with Bean-E-Doo® Mastic Remover.
                • Clean off any oils, dirt, remnants of Soy Gel Stripper, or Bean-E-Doo® Mastic Remover using a scrub brush or floor scrubber paired with ProClean Degreaser™.
                • Test absorption by pouring water in different areas. If it doesn’t absorb within five minutes, etch the surface using CitrusEtch™. If you use CitrusEtch™, neutralize with ProClean Neutralizer™ and rinse thoroughly.

                Step 2: Mixing

                • Select either a birdcage mixer or a double-box mixer for the mixing process.
                • For the standard 40-pound batch, start by pouring 3.5 to 4 quarts of water into a clean five-gallon bucket. For the smaller 2.5-pound batch, use 1 cup (8 ounces) of water instead.
                • If pigment is part of your mix, thoroughly blend it with the water before adding  Resurface-It™ Concrete Overlay. Make sure to reach the bottom edges of the bucket with the mixer to incorporate any pigment that has settled.
                • Gradually add the Resurface-It™ Concrete Overlay to the bucket, mixing continuously until you achieve a uniform and thoroughly combined mixture.

                Step 3: Application

                Coverage Estimates

                • 40-pound box: ~80 sq ft at 1/16th inch skim coat.
                • 2.5-pound box: ~5 sq ft at 1/16th inch skim coat. Adjustments might be needed depending on surface condition.

                1. Begin at the furthest point and pour ¼ to ½ of the mixed bucket onto the surface.
                2. With a 12” or 18” squeegee trowel, exert consistent pressure and pull the overlay toward you, spreading a thin skim coat.
                3. Always maintain a wet edge during application.
                  • If pausing, do so at control joints or transition areas, like door frames, to prevent dry lines.
                4. Pour additional Concrete Overlay as needed and continue spreading with the squeegee trowel until the area is covered.
                5. Note that the overlay dries quicker in hotter and/or windy conditions.
                For Hot Conditions: If the concrete surface is 90°F (32°C) or hotter, dampen it with water before applying Resurface-It™ to cool it down.

                Pro Tips:

                • Mix using ice-cold water for extended working time.
                • Moisten the surface with water before application. Wipe away any excess water.
                • Wear spiked shoes for unrestricted movement without disturbing the fresh overlay.
                • For uniform coloration with pigments, maintain a steady mix design. Measure out each component—Resurface-It™, pigment, and water—precisely.
                • Have a second person mix subsequent batches while you apply for efficiency.


                • Clean your tools with water before the overlay dries.
                Tools & Supplies
                • Pump-up Sprayer
                • Squeegee Trowel/Gauge Rake
                • Plastic Drop Cloth
                • Drill Mixer
                • Birdcage or Double-Box Mixer

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