Grillin’ n’ Chillin’: Outdoor Concrete Kitchen Countertop

“Thank you for providing us with an avenue to share our work / project with homeowners sharing similar interests other than family and friends. I am sending you some photos of the project that I completed myself from start to finish. The project took me about 2 months to complete working evenings after work and on weekends. I had never done a concrete countertop before so I did a lot of research on Youtube, especially when it came to the acid staining, also a first for me. I am hooked!! I had previously “painted” and have done an epoxy-type finish on a garage floor but had never done acid staining. You have created a monster!! Realizing how simple the process is and the beauty of the results I will now forever do acid staining on my concrete projects.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Photo

Let’s Get Started!

I framed the cabinetry using 3″ metal studs and skinned it with 1/4″ Hardee concrete backer-board. I ordered the “Full Bull-Nose” templates and used 12 eighty pound sacks of 5000 Plus concrete mix. I hand-troweled the entire countertop and hand mixed all the concrete including the flooring on my wheelbarrow!!

“I had no previous experience using acid stains so I did lots of research on the process and felt more comfortable once I ordered and received your product. I ordered an acid stain trial kit and used the Malayan Buff as the base coat followed by some English Red and topped off with Cola. I used the Polyurethane Countertop Sealer. All in all, we are very pleased with the results.” Art D.