Stone Age Concrete Table Tennis and our friends over at Bravado Outdoor Products are based in Roseburg, OR, and have been making custom concrete game tables for schools, parks, and families around the country. Their company mission is “building fun and community involvement into parks, schools, fine homes community organizations, and our company.”

They do this by creating long-lasting, functional, and inviting  concrete table tennis, concrete ping pong tables, and concrete chess tables in public places and homes across the United States. It’s more important than ever before for people, especially children, to take a break from their computers, video games, and phones to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and just interact with one another.

integrally colored table tennis top
Integrally Colored Concrete Table Tennis Featuring 1830 and 1311 Concrete Pigments

“We use a wide variety of Direct Colors products. All of the products produce great results and are a great compliment to our products,” says Lem James with Stone Age. We’re proud to have our concrete pigments, acid stains, concrete dyes and Deco Gel acid stains provide the color for their quality games. If you’re in the market for a concrete gaming table and are looking the kind of craftsmanship that will last a lifetime, we hope you’ll choose Stone Age Concrete Table Tennis”

DIY Concrete Chess Table Design Ideas

Concrete pigments provide great flexibility for outdoor concrete game table projects and is by far our top seller to Stone Age Concrete Table Tennis. 5376 Green, 15.4 Blue and 230 Black Concrete Pigments are among their most popular colors but a customer gets what a customer wants so a full range of pigment options are available for custom designs, especially school colors!

Lem James with Stone Age Concrete Table Tennis told us, “Direct Colors has supplied our color needs for a wide variety of custom projects. They are very helpful and will point you in the right direction to meet your needs. Bravado Outdoor Products relies on Direct Colors for consistent quality and beautiful end products. We have been working with Direct Colors for 8 years now!”

Concrete Ping Pong Table For an Outdoor Fun!

Acid Stains and Gel Stains offer unique finishing options allowing Stone Age Concrete Table Tennis to create one-of-a-kind concrete gaming table designs for their customers. Lem and his staff never shy away from new, creative ideas for their installations. If you have a very specific color, image or logo in mind, Stone Age has your solution!

Concrete Gaming Tables Using Concrete Dye and Integral Color

Stone Age recently used Direct Colors Concrete Dye to create a new look on their concrete cornhole games. “The cornhole game artwork was completed using the Basic Red and White Concrete Dye. When we pulled the adhesive template absolutely nothing came off, it went perfect. They still do not have a sealant, so will be even shinier when done but these are stunning… Thank you!”

Concrete Dye can be used to stencil logos or other design work on integrally colored or acid stained concrete as well. Fast, easy and inexpensive with great results!

Park Concrete Table Tennis, Foosball, Chess and Corn Hole Fun!

Contact Kendra at Stone Age Table Tennis or call 541-671-6318 for more information on a one-of-a-kind, custom creation for your home, business, municipal park, or school today!