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Deco Gel Stain


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  • Deco Gel is the only gelled acid stain in the market 
  • Designed to adhere without drips or runs to concrete 
  • Ideal for concrete walls, borders, columns or other similar projects

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    Deco Gel Acid Stain is an acid-based gel of minerals and acid designed to adhere without drips or runs to concrete walls, borders, columns or other similar projects. Deco Gel has been specifically designed for use on vertical applications. When sealed with the proper sealer, the stain produces a bright variegated surface unique to this process. Deco Gel aid stain can be used in conjunction with our liquid acid stain for projects that have both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

    Quick Facts

    Application Tool:  Foam brush, foam roller or artist brush

    Dry Time: 5-6 hours before applying concrete sealer

    Cleanup: Baking soda and water

    Coverage: Approximately 150 - 200 sq. ft. per gallon depending on concrete porosity

    Top Coat Sealer: Acrylic, Polyurethane, Penetrating or Epoxy Sealer

    Recommended Uses: Stamped concrete, concrete brick pavers, rough concrete, cultured stone, previously acid stained concrete surface

    Note: As a made to order product, there are no refunds, exchanges, or returns.

    Due to DOT ORM-D Regulations this product can not be expedited and must be shipped Ground

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