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Easy to use and came out so pretty! I'm in love with my new floors
Covered really well. Exactly as advertised
I’m happy to say that switching to the white dye color allowed me to finish the concrete dye project successfully! I used the white and also mixed in some of the leftover black to make a gray color. The client is very pleased. I appreciate your help and will definitely use you all again soon. I posted pictures on Facebook and am getting rave reviews!
The cornhole game artwork was completed using the Basic Red and White Concrete Dye. When we pulled the adhesive template absolutely nothing came off, it went perfect. They still do not have a sealant, so will be even shinier when done but these are stunning… Thank you!
DCI Concrete Dye is easy to apply and creates unique looking floors with coloration that can’t be replicated with acid stain.
Thanks again for the help. Disaster to perfection. Your DCI Concrete Dye product corrected floor problems left behind by poor surface preparation after acid staining our floors. It’s exactly what I originally wanted. Looking forward to working with you on my future projects!
I’ve had so many compliments on our concrete dye basement floor project, and everyone wants me to do the same thing for them! The options with DCI Concrete Dye are endless, and the results are impressive. Thanks to the Direct Colors team for helping with our project.
Thank you for your time and information regarding gray Concrete Dye colors for my floors in my new home. Just wanted to thank you for all your help so far.
Concrete Dye


  • 15% off sealer with purchase of stain
  • Cost effective concrete coloring product
  • Easy to prepare and apply
  • 40 unique colors to choose from

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    With a cost of about $0.53 per square foot (dye + acetone + water-based, acrylic satin sealer), Concrete Dye is one of the most cost-effective concrete staining options from Direct Colors line of coloring products. Acetone Dye is easy to prepare and apply using an acetone-grade pump sprayer. Great for all your smooth, polished concrete coloring needs.

    The raw form of the dye is a super fine powder that is dispersed in a solvent such as acetone which makes it one od the most versatile coloring products in the market. Learn more about how to prepare and apply concrete dyes in our guide.

    Quick Facts

    Application Tool: Acetone, Acetone-grade pump sprayer
    Dry Time: 4-6 hours before applying sealer
    Cleanup: Acetone
    Coverage: Approximately 150 sq. ft. per gallon mix
    Recommended Uses: Home office, basement, kitchens, living areas, bathrooms and even countertops. Concrete Dyes are also great for stenciling and adding accents to concrete stains.

    How Concrete Dye Works

    Unlike Acid-Based Stains, concrete dyes do not react chemically with the concrete. A blend of UV-stable pigment and acrylic mix with acetone create a topical color suitable for most concrete types. 
    Concrete dyes are a great way to color existing slabs of concrete and offer a wide range of color options. Colors can be used to cover previous dyes or concrete stains, or to create something entirely new. Concrete dyes can be used to create a multi-dimensional polished concrete look or to apply solid colors to concrete surfaces.


    Machine troweled concrete and new or existing exterior or interior smooth concrete surfaces such as: Home Office, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Patios, Driveways and Countertops. 

    Concrete dye can be combined with EasyTint colored concrete sealers for amazing variagated color combinations!


    DO NOT apply concrete dye onto rough or highly porous concrete surfaces.


    ·         New concrete must cure for a minimum of 35 days, and may be influenced by wet or dry weather

    ·         Floors that have been previously painted must be stripped using a high-quality Paint & Sealer Stripper

    ·         For proper penetration and color adhesion, etch extra-smooth concrete with Hard Troweled Floor Pre-Treatment for best results*

    ·         Remove though stains using a Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate

    ·         Clean floor thoroughly and make sure it is completely rinsed and dry before staining. For interior application, use a mop and bucket to rinse and clean; a pressure washer may be used outdoors

    ·         Important: Failure to completely rinse the concrete surface may result in concrete dye color adhesion issues.

    ·         Protect the surrounding areas from backsplash. Use drop cloths and firm cardboard and do not apply tape to surfaces recently coated with dyes or sealer, as the adhesive may remove the coatings


    ·         Pour all contents of concrete dye packet into an Acetone-Grade Pump Sprayer

    ·         Add acetone into pump sprayer

    ·         Shake mixture thoroughly

    ·         Allow acetone-dye to sit for a minimum of 45 minutes before application

    ·         Continue to shake periodically during application to ensure particulate does not settle at the bottom


    ·         Direct Colors™ Concrete Dye must be applied with a high quality Acetone-Grade Pump Sprayer with a conical tip to avoid clogging.

    ·         Do not use a pump sprayer with a fan tip.


    ·         Mix acetone-dye well before spraying and shake frequently during use to ensure consistent color application

    ·         Tip: Adjust the pump sprayer nozzle tip until you reach a fine mist setting. Practice spraying on a piece of cardboard or newspaper

    ·         Important: Test the color first, using a small corner area of your concrete slab. Get a feel of how the pump sprayer works

    ·         Apply thin layers of Concrete Dye using a random, straight or circular motion

    ·         Hold the spray tip approximately 10 inches above the concrete surface

    ·         The dye will dry almost instantly so you can add extra layers until your desired saturation is reached. Generally, 2-3 thin coats should be enough for a variegated look but additional coats (up to 5 coats) can be applied for a more consistent, deeper color.

    ·         Important: If using a cheap sprayer; to prevent drips from getting on the surface, use a rag to wipe any drips when the sprayer stops

    ·         Do not walk on wet Dye 

    ·         Allow 4 – 6 hours to dry before walking on it.


    ·         To complete the staining, a clear protective finish must be applied. Use a premium, easy-to-use sealer such as Direct Colors™ Acrylic Concrete Sealers

    ·         Allow dye to dry 4-6 hours before applying Acrylic Concrete Sealer

    ·         For a perfect seal that protects your hard work for years to come, read our How to Apply Acrylic Concrete Sealer instructions

    Read Use Concrete Dye to Stain Concrete Floors on a Budget


    ·         To extend the life of the sealed concrete floor, we recommend using a non buffing required Concrete Floor Wax


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