Beverly D. wanted to refinish patios, a pool deck and steps around their house because the concrete looked dull and unattractive. Originally, their outdoor decorative concrete was integrally-colored with concrete pigment, stamped and sealed but the color had faded over time in the hot Texas sun. So, they came to Direct Colors for Tinted Concrete Sealer to restore the concrete’s appearance. After testing a few sample colors, Beverly selected Driftwood a medium brown and our most  popular color, in a solvent-based, high gloss acrylic sealer. Beverly has opted to include an anti-slip grit additive in the final coat of clear sealer to minimize slip hazards on the steps and around the pool. Our solvent-based, satin finish acrylic sealer is the safest choice for outdoor concrete applications.

Keep in mind when adding translucent color to previously stained or pigmented concrete that the final color will be a combination of the existing and new color. Testing is crucial for selecting the right color and sealer type. Direct Colors offers trial sizes of every tinted concrete sealer we sell.

Beverly said, “…refinishing outdoor concrete isn’t easy, but it was well worth the work. I must say that when it came to applying the clear coat sealer with the anti-slip grit was a breeze! We have saved at least $3,200 and that was just for the pool area.”

Before Tinted Concrete Sealer Application:

Before Tinted Concrete Sealer

After Tinted Concrete Sealer Application:

Tinted Concrete Sealer Steps

All surfaces sealed with a tinted concrete sealer should be top coated with the same sealer-base in clear. The clear coat will allow for even wear and make future re-sealing much easier.