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Direct Colors ProClean Degreaser™ is a heavy-duty, all-purpose cleaner/degreaser concentrate for all concrete surfaces. Clean indoor and outdoor slabs prior to staining, sealing and waxing. 

Quick Facts

  • Application Tool:  Pump sprayer, scrub brush
  • Location: Interior and exterior surfaces
  • Cleanup: Water
  • Coverage: Approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon solution (See dilution rates)
  • Recommended Uses: Stamped concrete, pavers, rough concrete, cultured stone, previously stained concrete surfaces


  • Apply the solution to the floor with a Pump-Up Sprayer
  • Using a scrub brusg, scrub the concrete to loosen and remove oils, grease, dirt, and grime
  • Pick up solution with a wet vacuum. A mop may also be used but is less effective
  • Rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water 
  • Remove remaining water from the surface with a shop vac. It is important no residue is left before proceeding to any stain or sealer application
  • Allow surface 24 hours to completely dry before staininng or sealing

Pro Tips 

  • Breaking the large areas into 10x10 or 12x12 spaces will allow you more time to cleam before product dries, keeping the project more manageable
  • Use warm soapy water to clean tools

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