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Acrylic Floor Wax Stripper
Customer Acrylic Floor Wax Stripper Projects
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  • Direct Colors Acrylic Floor Wax Stripper a low-foam, deep penetrating stripper that requires no machine scrubbing or neutralizing.

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Direct Colors Acrylic Floor Wax Stripper a low-foam, deep penetrating stripper that requires no machine scrubbing or neutralizing. Remove discolored, milky-colored floor wax or layers of build up quickly and easily without damaging the underlying concrete sealer. Improved formula works even faster and more efficiently to quickly penetrate and dissolve multiple coats of floor finish. No unpleasant solvent or ammonia odors during or after application.

Coverage and Application:

Mix product eight parts hot water to one part wax stripper in a plastic bucket. Do NOT apply full strength. Applying this product full strength could result in sealer damage. Wear gloves while handling and applying. Mop liberally onto the floor using a clean cotton mop. Allow to remain active on the floor for 5-10 minutes. Apply more solution if needed to prevent drying. The product cannot be successfully removed if allowed to dry on the floor. If the floor has several layers of wax, an additional application of wax stripper may be required. A floor buffer with a red pad could be used for larger projects. For isolated areas, apply with a wide foam brush or similar applicator.

After the wax has released from the floor, remove the DC Acrylic Wax Stripper using a clean wet mop and warm water or a wet vacuum. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Neutralizing is not necessary. The floor should be residue free before reapplying sealer or wax. Each quart of wax stripper will cover 200 sq. ft at the recommended dilution rate.

Commercial Concrete Floor Wax and Polish

Acrylic Floor Wax Stripper Features:

• Easy to Apply and Quick Acting Acrylic Water Based Wax Stripper
• Low Odor Product for Interior Use
• Formulated not to damage underlying concrete sealer
• No commercial buffer required

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