Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete Acid Stain

How much stain do I need?

Can I cut this stain with water?

Can you dilute the acid stain so it can cover more square feet?

Do you have to seal acid stained concrete?

Why are there only ten colors?

Do we have to leave the house to do this?

How close are the color charts to the final color I will receive?

Why does my concrete look white/green/yellow after the acid stain dried?

What's the best method of applying stain?

Is it permanent? Can I change it later?

I acid stained my patio a few years ago and now the color seems to be disappearing, what's going on?

If I have 400 square feet, of concrete, I only need 2 gallon one gallon of English red and one gallon of cola acid stains?

I need to have my house sprayed for spiders and I have stained concrete floors. Will pesticide clean off the floor or will it leave a residue stain?

We added more concrete to a 15 yr old patio to make it bigger, so the colors are different . What can I use to make it all match?

We have a little ghosting in the concrete counters we poured. What would you suggest to help disguise the lines some?

How do I apply Deco Gel?

How should I seal Deco Gel?

Can I use Deco Gel on my Floor?

Do I wax Deco Gel?

Is Concrete Dye a permanent color?

What type of sprayer can I use to apply Concrete Dye?

Do I need to seal in the color?

How do I mix the Concrete Dye with the Acetone and where can I buy the Acetone?

Is the Concrete Dye dangerous to me?

Is Concrete Dye and Concrete Pigment the same product?

Why do I have to seal my concrete?

How much sealer do I need to seal my concrete?

What is the difference between water based and solvent based sealers and which should I use?

How long does the sealer last?

How many coats do I need to apply?

How should I apply the sealer and what should I use to apply it?

What can I do to maintain the sealer and the new glossy finish indoors?

Why not just wax instead of seal your floor?

How does wax change the appearance?

How does wax work?

How long should the wax dry before being walked on?

I have recently installed interlocking patio pavers that have been repurposed. They are older and faded so I will want to stain them. I have finished the install and have received my order of cleaner, stain and sealant. I wanted to know if I can clean, stain, install the polymeric sand then seal it, since I don't want to stain the sand. I was hoping to get your feedback before I go forward with your product.

How do I get rid of red clay stains on concrete? I've power washed the concrete and the stains have faded but I can't get rid of the red. My concrete is almost 2 months old. And I want to do a cola stain color.

I want to just seal my pool deck. Its architectural concrete and never sealed. I don't want the sealer to be slippery