An Outdoor Entertainment Area for Music Lovers

Acid Stained Patio with Art Stencil Accents

Outdoor Entertainment Area and Patio

Acid stained patios are our most popular DIY project. This outdoor entertainment area and patio project was approximately 200 sq. ft. The customer applied Cola Concrete Acid Stain with a sprayer and created the music notes with a stencil using black deco gel acid stain. It can be tricky to create a clean edge using stencils and masking tape. Apply the product carefully and pull the stencil or tape soon after application to avoid seepage. The patio was sealed with Satin Finish and High Gloss  Acrylic Sealer.

Budget/Timing: 1 DIY Acid Stain Kit (including 1 gallon of Cola, 1 Gallon Sealer, 1 gallon of  High Gloss Sealer and 1 quart of Black Deco Gel