Staining Concrete Brick Pavers

Patio pavers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. But, sometimes they aren’t the exact shade you were expecting, or you aren’t as happy with it once it’s installed as you were when you bought it.

The above photo was taken before outdoor concrete stain was applied. The bottom was taken after.
The above photo was taken before outdoor concrete stain was applied. The bottom was taken after applying Cumin Antiquing Stain

Can Brick Patio Pavers Be Stained?

Yes.  If pavers have been previously sealed, we recommend using Direct Colors Portico Paver Stain followed by a solvent-based acrylic sealer ( Bundle and save with the Portico Stain & Seal Kit) assuming your pavers are outside.

If the pavers are not sealed, and you are a bit of a risk taker; try our Everstain Acid Stains. Keep in mind that acid stains react with the underlying concrete itself in order to work properly. 

I have an outdoor patio made of the red concrete brick pavers and 1 ft. x 1 ft. red concrete squares. Can I stain these to a darker color? Thanks, Larry

To help out Larry and anyone else hoping to stain their brick patio pavers, our concrete expert, Justin, has some advice on how to stain faded concrete brick pavers.

Here’s Justin’s response to Larry’s question:

“Yes, you have a couple of staining options for concrete brick pavers. Although internal coloring, like the brick red pigment, will affect the outcome of the paver stain’s final color, it is absolutely essential to know whether the pavers have been sealed previously to know which route to take with selecting a stain.”

Best Product for Staining Concrete Pavers

Portico Paver Stain is a highly saturated, exterior concrete stain specifically formulated to color concrete pavers.  This stain can be applied over previously stained and even sealed concrete pavers.

Portico is a semi-transparent stain, and not opaque, like paint. It will add a tint to your concrete pavers while allowing the existing texture to show through.

Crimson Concrete Paver Stain
Acrylic Sealer Solvent
Before and After Images Stained Concrete Pavers
Before and after images of faded concrete pavers stained with Crimson and Black Stains
Stained Concrete Pavers
Gray concrete pavers colored with Crimson and Black outdoor concrete stains

How Do I Know If My Pavers Have Been Sealed

Patio pavers are often sealed. The reasons vary, but this is generally to increase longevity. If your patio pavers are porous, they will erode faster, and experience water damage. Sealed patio pavers last much longer than their non-sealed counterparts. To find out for sure, follow these three steps:

  1. Pour water on the paver surface
  2. If it absorbs easily, it has not been sealed
  3. If the water “beads” on the surface or water is slow to be absorbed,  the concrete has been sealed previously.
Water beading on a sealed concrete surface.
Water beading on a sealed concrete surface.

To stain your brick patio pavers, follow these 5 simple steps.

  1. Clean the surface: Make sure that your patio pavers are free of dust, dirt, stains, or other obstructions that may affect your final product.
  2. Prepare the stain: Pour the Outdoor Concrete Stain into a pump sprayer, or paint tray (depending on how you wish to apply it).
  3. Apply the stain: Using the pump sprayer, evenly distribute the Outdoor Concrete Stain to the brick patio pavers. If rolling the stain on, do the same in even layers.
  4. Layer if needed: Allow to fully dry. If the resulting color is too light, add layers until you achieve the desired result.
  5. Seal the surface: Allow the surface to dry fully before applying sealer. Either pour or roll the sealer onto the brick patio pavers evenly, and let fully dry.

Can You Change the Color of Brick?

Yes. Direct Colors offers over 40 colors of Exterior Concrete Stains and Tinted Sealers to choose from. In order to achieve the desired shade, you may need to apply more layers if the color is being entirely changed.

Red stamped concrete patio before applying Antiquing stain
Red stamped concrete patio before applying Antiquing stain
Patio after applying Black and Charcoal Antiquing Stains
Patio after applying Black and Charcoal Antiquing Stains
Antiquing Stain Trial Kit 3 Color Pack
Antiquing Stain Trial Kit 3 Color Pack
Antiquing Stain and Sealer Kit
Antiquing Stain and Sealer Kit Bundle
Antiquing Concrete Stain Color Black
Antiquing Stain - Black
Stamped Charcoal Gray Stain
Antiquing Stain - Charcoal

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Using Limewashing To Stain Brick

Lime Washing brick before and after

If you’ve never worked with whitewash, you may only know it from Tom Sawyer, where the hero famously tricks his friends into whitewashing his Aunt Polly’s fence for him. You may also have assumed that whitewash is just some kind of paint and no big deal.