Change the Color of Your Home with Brick Stain: A Guide to Stained Brick

Brick stain before and after photo
Brick stain before and after

Are you looking to refresh the appearance of your brick home? Changing the color of your brick is possible through various methods such as limewashing, brick painting or staining. Masonry stain is an easy option that involves testing the brick’s absorption, cleaning the surface, selecting a color, applying the stain, and sealing the brick. With the right tools and techniques, you can give your exterior brick a new look and bring it back to life.

How To Stain Brick

Brick stain before and after

STEP 1: Test Brick for Absorption

Before applying any stain, it’s important to check the brick’s surface porosity and absorption. Simply spray water on part of  the brick you want stained. If the water soaks into the brick, the brick can most likely be stained.

STEP 2: Clean the Brick

Dust, dirt, and debris can affect the stain application outcome, so it’s important to clean the brick thoroughly before proceeding. Use a light concrete cleaner and degreaser solution and start from the top down, using a power washer to speed up the process.

STEP 3: Select Stain Color

Select brick stain color

Testing stain colors is important because stains are semi-transparent, and the final color will be influenced by the base color of the original brick. Use a stain trial kit to test multiple colors until you find the perfect shade.

STEP 4: Apply the Stain

Brick Facade Before During Staining

 Shake the concrete stain well before using it. Use a plastic cup and sponge brushes to apply the stain, starting from the top and working your way down to even out any drips. Shake the container again before pouring more stain into the cup. You may need to use more stain than you anticipate, especially if you are using multiple layers or if the brick absorbs a lot of stain.

STEP 4: Seal the Brick

Wait for at least 6 hours for the stain to dry before applying a solvent-based, satin acrylic sealer. Use a standard stain brush to apply the sealer in thin layers, starting from the top and working your way down to avoid drips. Once sealed, the brick stain color will be permanent.

Stained brick house
ProClean Degreaser
ProClean Degreaser™
Charcoal Portico Swatch
Portico™ Charcoal
Light Charcoal Portico Swatch
Portico™ Light Charcoal
EasySeal Satin
EasySeal™ Satin

This customer used our Portico paver stain to change the color of their brick home. The process took four weekends to complete and covered an estimated 150 square feet. They used the charcoal color in various layers on the bricks and the light charcoal as a base for the mortar in between the bricks. The customer found the brick staining process to be overall easy, even though they were staining a vertical wall. They recommend shaking the stain well and using more than you think you’ll need, especially if using multiple layers or if the surface absorbs a lot of stain. They also suggest using a normal stain brush for the sealant and applying the stain from top to bottom to avoid drips when staining a vertical surface.

With the right tools and techniques, you can successfully change the color of your brick home using concrete stains. So why wait? Start your project today and give your home the refresh it deserves.

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Before and after of a concrete retaining wall stained with Cafe Royale EasyTint Tinted Sealer in the color Cafe Royale. The grey wall was transformed into a rich, warm brown
Before: A plain grey concrete retaining wall. After: A beautiful, richly colored retaining wall using Cafe Royale EasyTint Tinted Sealer. The easy-to-use product transformed the wall in just one coat

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Side-by-side before and after images showing the transformation of a circular pink brick paver patio to a stylish whitewashed patio using Portico white stain.
A remarkable transformation: The left image shows the original pink brick paver patio, while the right image reveals the fresh, whitewashed look achieved with five coats of Portico white stain and two coats of Easy Seal satin. The semi-transparent nature of the Portico stain allows the texture of the original pavers to show through, creating a beautiful, inviting outdoor space.
Before and after image of faded red brick paver patio transformed with Eagle Gray and Crimson Portico paver stains
Before and after transformation of a faded red brick paver patio using Eagle Gray and Crimson Portico Stains
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