Lighten Up Your Basement With White Concrete Stains

This 500 sq.ft. project began as a basement floor that had previously been covered with carpet. The family wanted to update the floor with a light bright look. After several conversations with our concrete experts, Ms. Ribble felt confident to begin. She applied white concrete dye and sealed using a satin water-based  acrylic sealer. She chose white to lighten up the room.

White Concrete Dye Stained Floors
Concrete floors stained with white acetone dye and sealed with satin finish acrylic concrete sealer

“Thanks to Justin and Tyler for all of your help. I really appreciate the attention you give to DIYers. I am very happy with the way my basement floor turned out. Having our family room in the basement, we were worried about not getting a cozy feel but did not want to use carpet and was exhausted at the thought of tiling such a large room. Love this look and the bright, natural, yet elegant look. Our next project will be a white concrete table!”

Ribble Family of Wichita, KS

Water-Based Concrete Stain
ColorWave™ Water-Based Stain - White
White Concrete Dye
Vibrance Dye - White

Learn How To Apply Concrete Dye with Justin

How to Stain Basements - Featured Image

Tips For Staining Basement Floors

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting stain and sealer products for a basement application.

Colored SIlver Gray Tinted Concrete Sealer

AcquaTint - Easiest Basement Staining Option

Water-based colored sealers are low odor which makes them a great choice for interior applications.