Lighten Up Your Basement With White Concrete Stain

This 500-square-foot project began as a basement floor previously covered with carpet. The family wanted to update the floor with a light bright look.

After several conversations with our concrete experts, Ms. Ribble felt confident to begin. She applied white concrete dye and sealed the floor using a satin water-based acrylic sealer. What a way to lighten up the room!

White Concrete Dye Stained Floors
Concrete floors stained with white concrete dye powder & sealed with satin finish acrylic concrete sealer.

“Thanks to Justin and Tyler for all of your help. I really appreciate the attention you give to DIYers. I am very happy with the way my basement floor turned out.

Having our family room in the basement, we were worried about not getting a cozy feel but did not want to use carpet and was exhausted at the thought of tiling such a large room. Love this look and the bright, natural, yet elegant look. Our next project will be a white concrete table!”

– Ribble Family of Wichita, KS

White ColorWave™ Concrete Stain
White ColorWave™ Concrete Stain
White Concrete Dye
White Vibrance Concrete Dye


$370.55 / 2-3 days for complete project

Project Materials:

Learn How To Apply Concrete Dye with Justin

How to Stain Concrete Basement Floors

Tips For Staining Basement Floors

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting stain and sealer products for a basement application.

Colored SIlver Gray Tinted Concrete Sealer

AcquaTint - Easiest Basement Staining Option

Water-based tinted concrete sealers are low odor, which makes them a great choice for interior applications.

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