Concrete Decor: Handmade Concrete Sculptures

Using Direct Colors Acid Stain and Deco Gel  to Create One-of-a-Kind Concrete Art

Concrete Sculpture Projects

Concrete sculptures, decor and statuary are becoming more and more popular with DIYers across the globe! Braven S. builds his own silicone molds and uses ready-mix concrete to create his work. He applies Deco Gel Gelled Acid Stain and regular Concrete Acid Stain to create color and definition to his one-of-a-kind art pieces.

“Your acid stains, both gels and liquids, have enabled me to take my garden art to a new level. I use plain gray concrete as a base, which I pour into handmade silicone rubber molds of my own sculptures. For the lion wall hanging, I simulated weathered copper by combining Direct Colors Avocado and Azure Blue colors. I apply a coat of the Deco Gel, let it dry overnight, then scrub some liquid acid stain of the same color into the crust of dried gel to re-moisturize it into a paste. I let that dry overnight, then wash, neutralize and rinse. After that dries, I apply a paste-wax floor polish as a sealant. For the sun and moon pairs, I use Malayan Buff and Azure Blue, sometimes applying yellow india ink later to intensify the sun’s yellow color.”

– Mr. Braven S.

Mr. Braven’s Shopping List:

Avocado Acid Stain
Azure Blue Acid Stain and Deco Gel Acid Stain
Malayan Buff Acid Stain and Deco Gel Acid Stain

How to Neutralize Acid Stain
Deco Gel Trial Kit
Deco Gel Trial Kit Includes Five Color Selections and Two Sealers of Your Choice
Acid Stain Trial Kit
Acid Stain Trial Kit