Stenciled Concrete Design Ideas

Preparing the concrete surface is the most crucial step to a successful concrete staining project outcome. Familiarize yourself with the condition of your concrete as knowing what contaminants to remove will guide you on which cleaning technique to follow.

EverStain Patio Floor Stencil Azure, Avocado, Desert, Englis
CitrusEtch™ concrete etcher
Floor Pre-Treatment
Avocado EverStain Swatch
EverStain™ Avocado
Azure Blue EverStain Swatch
EverStain™ Azure Blue
Desert Amber EverStain Acid Stain
EverStain™ Desert Amber
Malayan Buff EverStain Swatch
EverStain™ Malayan Buff
Cola EverStain Swatch
EverStain™ Cola
Acrylic Concrete Sealer Water Glossy 1 gal
High Gloss Sealer
Residential Floor Wax
Concrete Floor Wax - Satin

How Much Does it Cost To Stencil Concrete

Depending on the porosity of your concrete, the cost ranges from $1.37 to $1.83 per square foot if using a product like Direct Colors Deco Gel.

Concrete Patio Porch
Covered concrete porch patio ready for staining
Modelo Concrete Stencil
Place Modelo stencil on concrete floor

How to Stencil a Concrete Patio Floor

  1. Prepare Concrete Surface: Make sure you clean and remove all debris for acid staining.  For a complete guide click here
  2. Apply Decorative Concrete Stencil: Concrete stenciling with Modello® patterns creates floors so beautiful you almost hate to walk on them
  3. Cover Stencil with Protective Material
  4. Apply Base Color Stain : For detailed instructions on how to apply acid stains click here
  5. Decorate interior Stencil Design
  6. Neutralize and Rinse: Wash until all cleanser residue have been removed
  7. Seal
Cover Stencil Area
Cover stencil area and apply acid stain around it
EverStain Patio Floor Stencil Azure, Avocado, Desert, English
Use foam applicator to apply inside stain details

Tip: Take time to lay the stencil out id key.

Tip: Use foam applicators to apply the stencil design details and a sprayer for the surrounding larger area.

Concrete floor stencil design
Remove stencil and seal

How Long Does Stenciled Concrete Last?

Stenciled concrete can be as durable and long-lasting as any regular acid stain; the color will not fade, chip, or peel away. Make sure to use a good quality DecoGel, or gelled acid stain, to ensure your etching penetrates the concrete surface.

Using a Deco Gel allows you to permanently alter the concrete’s color while attaining a striking amount of design precision and control.


Stenciling concrete with deco gel acid stain is just like using paint and a paintbrush. Get the precision and flexibility of painting with the durable color of concrete acid stain and incorporate multiple colors and textures in just one day’s work. 

Faux Flagstone Stencil Acid Stain Color
Faux Flagstone Stencil Colored with Deco Gel

Renee P. of Studio, CA resurfaced her patio removing layers of epoxy paint before Overlaying the surface and acid staining with Deco Gel. She completed the project herself and has provided an account below:

“I resurfaced my back patio, then added the faux flagstone overlay topping. I searched numerous websites to find the right acid stain for the “faux” flagstones. I chose Direct Colors because I liked the DecoGel Stain Trial Kit and the color selection. Orders were delivered promptly and the website was easy to navigate. I enjoyed acid staining the most.”

It was so much fun creating unique yet realistic-looking flagstones. Also fun seeing friends fooled by my handiwork. Direct Colors Deco Gel Stains gave me the look I envisioned.

Great products and great service. I couldn’t ask for more. My old patio caused me to cringe. My new patio makes me smile, especially because I did it myself.”

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