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Was just what I needed for it not to be slippery around the pool.


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  • Anti-slip concrete sealer additive
  • Finely ground aluminum oxide 
  • Added to final acrylic sealer coat for slip resistance

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Non Slip Concrete Sealer Additive is a finely ground aluminum oxide material added to the final sealer coating for slip resistance and grip.  This additive can be added to most membrane-forming water and solvent-based sealers excluding Penetrating Lithium Hardener/Sealer.  Our Slip Resistant Concrete Sealer Additive provides improved chemical and abrasion resistance and is comfortable to walk on.  Due to its low density, the material stays suspended in even thin concrete sealers and is perfect for use on pool decks, steps, walkways, patios and garage floors.


   Add to polyurethane topcoats or mix into second coat of acrylic concrete sealer
   Intended for exterior concrete floors use
   Perfect for concrete pool decks, steps, patios, walkways and porches

Note: This product should not be added to any tinted sealer products

How-To Guide

Coverage: One 3.2 oz. container of Slip Resistant Concrete Sealer Additive is recommended per 1 gallon of sealer.  The 16 oz. container is recommended for 5-gallon sealers.  The additive should be used for the second coat of sealer only unless applying a modified acrylic-urethane or polyurethane sealer.  If an anti-slip surface is desired for tinted sealer application, add the additive to a clear sealer top coat for both added durability and a non-slip finish.


Application: Surface Preparation — Apply the first coat of sealer according to instructions.  Stir sealer, while adding Slip Resistant Concrete Sealer Additive to the container.  The product may float at first, but once wet, it will mix in easily.  In thinner products, occasional stirring during application may be required.  Distribute the product by hand if using a sprayable sealer.  Spray one layer of sealer before putting down the additive.  Spray on a second layer of sealer on top.  Always prepare a small test when working with unfamiliar sealers for the first time. 

Note: This product should not be added to any tinted sealer products


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