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Penetrating Sealer
Customer Penetrating Sealer Projects
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  • Stamped concrete, heavily textured, broom finishes are not good candidates for this penetrating sealer.

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    Stamped concrete, heavily textured, broom finishes are not good candidates for this penetrating sealer. Surfaces heavily treated with sealer, paint, and mastic removers or citrus cleaners should not be sealed with Direct Colors Penetrating Concrete Sealer, Hardener & Densifier.

    Direct Colors Penetrating  Concrete Sealer, Hardener & Densifier is a clear, odorless, VOC compliant, water-based, matte finish concrete sealer, salt protectant and dust proofer that hardens, seals and densifies concrete.

    Our sealer provides all the protection of a high-end penetrating water repellant sealer and offers all the benefits of a surface hardener, sealer, and densifier. This product penetrates and seals by reacting chemically with the concrete surface forming a clear, dense and durable inorganic topical surface layer that is breathable, abrasion-resistant, and hydrophobic.

    This matte finish concrete sealer provides no surface gloss and must be scoured using a red and black scouring pad on a high speed buffer after indoor floor applications to bring up a light shine and remove any residue caused by over-application.

    Penetrating Concrete Sealer Hardener will extend the life of any exterior concrete slab by reducing spalling and other problems caused by extreme weather conditions.

    If desired, penetrating sealer can also be used in conjunction with other membrane-forming sealers for a gloss finish.

    • Most durable sealer for indoor or outdoor concrete
    • Matte finish concrete sealer
    • Water-based indoor/outdoor penetrating concrete sealer
    • Cost effective, one-time-only sealer application
    • Coverage rate approximately 400 sq. ft. per gallon for smooth concrete.
    • Perfect for integrally-colored concrete and polished concrete countertops
    • Excellent salt resistant, non-slip sealer option
    • Available in Sample Trial Sizes for testing and smaller projects
    • VOC compliant in all 50 states

    Small Penetrating Concrete Sealer Hardener
    Wheat Buff (500-1lb.) Concrete Pigment sealed with Penetrating Concrete Sealer and Polished
    Wheat Buff (500-1lb.) Concrete Pigment sealed with Penetrating Concrete Sealer and Polished

    How To: Applying Penetrating Concrete Sealer

    • Apply sealer with pump-up fence and deck sprayer.

    • Spray enough concrete penetrating sealer to create a uniformly damp surface. Do not over apply. This concrete penetrating sealer does not form a surface membrane and should not be applied in “coats.”

    • Use a squeegee to prevent pooling and ensure the sealer has been absorbed into the concrete.

    • Apply more sealer only to areas that appear more absorptive than others.

    • Sealer should remain uniformly damp for 20 minutes.

    • Allow concrete to dry for 24 hours before buffing the floor with a high-speed commercial buffer for enhanced durability, light shine and remove excess sealer residue.

    • The concrete will continue to harden over 7 days.

    • Clean up tools and sprayers with soap and water.

    Do not apply penetrating sealer in hot, windy conditions.


    On acid-stained concrete floors, the surface must be fully neutralized and all remaining debris or excess color removed before sealing. If concrete has not been properly neutralized and cleaned, a temporary “white dusting reaction” can occur; it will typically disappear within two weeks of application.

    For vertical applications, apply from the bottom up using a low pressure, 10-25 psi sprayer with a fan-type nozzle. Flood surface until excess runs down 6” to 8” below spray pattern nozzle or sponge surfaces sufficiently to create a uniform dampness. When a brush or roller is used, repeated applications should be made until the surface remains moist for a minute or so before solution disappears. Use cleansers with a neutral ph only for floor maintenance.


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