Give Your Old and Faded Concrete Patio a Makeover

You’ve probably looked out at your old faded outdoor concrete and dreamed of what you and your friends would look like sitting on your patio. Maybe there’s a fire pit, a big table, or even a gazebo. Imaginations run wild.


This old concrete patio was aged 10+ years. The slabs were not poured at the same time and the texture was also different. One slab was significantly more porous than the other.


When concrete slabs are very rough or porous due to concrete age,  a topical stain needs to be used.

faded concrete patio
Re-stained Concrete Patio

The patio was power-washed first to remove loose debris and paint but some rust staining and paint residue remained.

The customer applied two coats of Antiquing Stain letting the product dry for 3 hours between coats.

Chuck let the second coat dry for 8 hours before applying the sealer with a pump up fence and deck sprayer.


Direct Colors DIY Trial Kits

Project Size: Approx. 800 sq. ft

Direct Colors’ Product Used:

  • Antiquing Stain Trial Kit
  • Antiquing Stain in Driftwood 3 gallon
  • Antiquing Stain in Cumin 3 gallon
  • Acrylic Solvent Based Satin Sealer 11 gallons (very porous concrete with 3 layers)
Faded Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
Stained Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

“Make sure you have proper measurements, and buy extra sealer for extremely porous concrete. It is better to have extra to have in the future to reseal than to run out and have to tarp off the project until you can get more. If you do not have to strip your old sealer, don’t!”

Staci Van Beveren

Antiquing Stain and Sealer Kit

Direct Colors’ Antiquing Stain & Seal Kit.

Faded Stamped Concrete Patio
Stamped Concrete Patio Stained
After - Stained with Khaki, Cafe Royale, Terra Cotta Antiquing Stains
Old Concrete Patio
Concrete Patio stained with Russet and Cafe Royale Antiquing Stains and sealed with a solvent-based satin acrylic concrete sealer
After Staining with Russet & Cafe Royale Antiquing Stains
EasyTint Satin 1 gal - Colored Concrete Sealer

Direct Colors’ Tinted Concrete Sealer.

Faded Concrete Pool Deck Stain
Stained Concrete Pool Deck
After Staining with Khaki and Charcoal EasyTint

Direct Colors’ Product Used:

  • Non Slip Concrete Sealer Additive
  • Tinted Concrete Sealer -charcoal & khaki
  • Concrete Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate
  • 2 Gallon Decorative Concrete Sprayer

“Don’t over think it! You are capable of achieving professional results with these easy to use quality products from Direct Colors, especially with their highly qualified product support team only a phone call away!”

Dustin Boose

Pol deck colored with Tinted Concrete sealer
Faded Concrete Driveway
Stained Concrete Driveway
Driveway Stained with Silver Gray EasyTint Tinted Sealer
Faded Stamped Concrete Edging
EasyTint Charcoal Stained Stamped Concrete Edging

“We have approximately 1000 feet of concrete edging around our landscaping. It is 8 to10 years old and had lost its color. We asked a local company to give us a bid on recolouring and sealing the concrete edging. They assessed the edging and came back to tell us that they couldn’t help us with recolouring but could rip out the edging and replace It. I began my search for a product I could recolour the edging myself. After finding your website and talking to Jay about the appropriate product for my concrete, I ordered a trial kit of our favorite colors. We decided on using the Satin Charcoal Tinted Concrete Sealer.”

Stained Stamped Concrete Edging
EasyTint Charcoal Stained Stamped Concrete Edging

“We experimented using a pump sprayer verses a 3/8 roller. We decided on the look and coverage using the roller. We applied 2 coats letting each coat dry overnight. It took us 3 days to roll on the Charcoal tinted sealer using the roller on the top and foam brushes on the back. After resting for 1 day, we applied 2 light coats of Acrylic Sealer, Solvent based Satin using a pump sprayer. The finished edging looks amazing. It use to blend in with the landscaping rocks and now it makes a statement all its own. We love it! It was super easy to use and the results are awesome!!”

Debora Bolger

Stained Concrete Driveway Before & After

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Acid Stained Patio

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