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Easy to use, cleans and prepared the floor nicely.
Very helpful very knowledgeable excellent experience I had what I needed with instruction sheets and everything I've done this a few times but never so easy nobody has the answers for anything direct color had it all
This gives the cement the pale, chalky surface necessary for good acid stain reaction. I did some test patches on our hard troweled cement and there was a big difference between the patches where I had just sanded and cleaned and the ones where I sanded, cleaned, then used this prep. It especially made the lighter colors, like desert sand, show up much better. Super easy to use.
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  • Used to add texture to smooth concrete floors 
  • Helps smooth concrete bond with stains, dyes and other colorants
  • Etcher solution removes need for sanding and grinding
  • Improves colored concrete sealer adhesion

How much do I need to etch my concrete?

It will depend on the square footage of your application.

The coverage rate is 200 square feet per gallon.

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Direct Colors’ Hard Troweled Floor Pre-Treatment  is an etcher used to add texture to smooth concrete floors and ultra-smooth pre-cast countertops.

This product treats concrete by etching it to ensure that stains, dyes, and other colorants can be accepted by the concrete surface.  Hard Troweled Floor Prep is easily prepared by mixing with water into a pump sprayer.

Dirty floors with paint overspray or light drywall mud contamination can be cleaned using Hard Trowel Floor Prep in addition to etching the concrete for acid stain or concrete sealer application.

Quick Facts

Application Tool: Pump sprayer, Foam Brush
Dry Time: Allow solution to remain active for 20 minutes before washing off
Cleanup: Neutralize with clean water after 20 minutes
Coverage: 200 sq. ft. per gallon 
Recommended Uses: Machine troweled concrete, smooth concrete surfaces and pre-cast concrete countertops


For a full strength concentration, mix each packet with the appropriate amount of water (1-quart bag per quart of water, 1-gallon bag per gallon of water and 5-gallon bag per gallons of water) in a 5-gallon plastic bucket until the material is completely dissolved.
The product should only be used full strength for heavily soiled or burnished concrete floors. Always conduct a test area prior to the actual project application.

  • For very smooth concrete floors, add one part full strength Hard Trowel Floor Prep to two parts water (2:1). Mix thoroughly.
  • Use a more concentrated 1:1 solution for intense etching action on excessively smooth floors with black spots and/or obvious surface fractures. 
  • Each gallon, diluted or full strength, will cover approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon. Hard Troweled Floor Pre-Treatment can cause a slight darkening of the concrete after application. This in no way inhibits acid stain reactivity or sealer adhesion.
  • Apply 2:1 for cleaning floors and as a pre-treatment for staining concrete countertops and sealer application.


  • Clean the concrete surface with Direct Colors Concrete Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Using a foam brush, apply to small test areas with different concentrations to determine which dilution produces the best results
  • The product should be sprayed from a pump-up sprayer in a consistent manner over the entire surface for uniform etching and/or cleaning.
  • The Hard Troweled Floor Pre-Treatment should not be poured directly onto the floor or countertop and swept over the surface
  • Tip: Wear Spiked Shoes to prevent etching shoe prints on your floor.  Removing etched shoe prints from your concrete floor will be VERY difficult
  • Important: Rinse thoroughly
  • Use a wet/dry vacuum or sweep off the surface to remove etching solution completely and allow to dry
  • Important: Rinse thoroughly (this extra line is not a mistake. Seriously, rinse throughly)

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